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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Artist stores in sucking d shocker.
  2. Wow! Good to know. If they pull that I’m absolutely saying it doesn’t play properly.
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  3. When in doubt, go to Paypal. If I've ever had an issue they always get the money back in situations like this.
  4. I did, mine is in perfect condition.
    Bey loves me, I knew it
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  5. I haven't opened mine yet but seems ok.

    *Goes to check...

    Edit: top right corners are pinched a bit but can live with that. Everything else seems fine, doing a play of it this weekend.
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  6. Mine has a very small tear on the top of the gatefold but to be honest it’s not anywhere near bad enough to send back.
    The records were fucking filthy though, like fingerprints and some kind of oil or something? Maybe release spray? It kinda had like a rainbow tinge, like you’d see with spilled oil….
    They play fine though.
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  7. That would just open an Item Not As Described, PayPal would make you send it back, tracked at your own expense, and you wouldn’t get a replacement, so really not ideal for this scenario nn
  8. Oop. Maybe not then dd.
  9. Fuck I still haven’t received the order (not yet shipped) and for the first time in years I haven’t paid with PayPal for some unknown reasons.
  10. This was my EXACT experience too. The records were filthier than anything I’ve ever seen before. No fingerprints but mine had the same oil residue and LOTS of dust. Like, where were these pressed? A hoarders home?
  11. Yeah I've been disputing the postage for over a week. Disgusting service, but not a shock.
  12. Whilst not vinyl related I collect Chucky merch and there's a brilliant online store here who literally sell damaged box stuff cheaper as they understand the importance of inbox collectors and the packaging etc.
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  13. Bo Burnham - INSIDE Deluxe, can get a signed set too.

    Tax and postage will cost you about $30 to the UK though...

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  14. I got my Beyoncé refund via PayPal with the same “limited preorder but on this occasion” email from her store.
    But my actual limited edition Renaissance vinyl turned up today so all good!
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  15. Oh this is nice
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  16. Yeah I loved the songs and the series, but when I saw these I had to get them since it looks amazing.
  17. If we’re going off last year’s timescales, I’d expect the National Album Day product list next Tuesday?
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  18. Was literally thinking about this today and started following them in anticipation. The dream is ‘S Club’ with ‘7’ and ‘Seeing Double’ to follow next year.
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  19. Cherry Red have announced their exclusives for it today (Marine Girls and Bunny Scott) so I can’t imagine the main list is far off!
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