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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. The first Sam Hunt album for $20? Umm yes please, I'm glad I waited.
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  2. I get a ‘voucher code not found’ message.
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  3. Try SAVE10. Stoopid autocorrect
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  4. I wonder what swirl colour this vinyl comes in?

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  5. And there was me thinking it was an exclusive offer! At least it wasn’t marketed as limited.
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  6. Ha, I got this as well. Still not as good as the guy asking me for the flop Jessie Ware vinyl I have, mind.
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  7. So what variant are we all getting for the new Madonna - Finally Enough Love release?
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  8. 6LP box set
    Amazon Silver and Roughtrade red 16 track version
    3 CD box set
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  9. kal


    Not me reading this and thinking this is the covid thread.
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  10. National Album Day this year is celebrating Debut albums.
    I’m trying to think what might be alluring on nice coloured vinyl.
    Maybe some of these, but we’ll probably get a rehash of albums that are readily available.

    Kylie Minogue Kylie
    Whitney Houston self titled
    Shara Nelson What Silence Knows
    Sade Diamond Life
    Courtney Love America’s Sweetheart
    Dot Allison Afterglow
    Jhelisa Galactica Rush
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  11. There is also a transparent one.

    I wish, but I don't think she would ever approve it as she hates this album. Also, I think only 4 people would buy it?
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  12. Oh yeah I forgot I’d preordered the HMV clear vinyl too, I feel as though I should cancel one of the 16 track variants to cut the costs.

    Also, I’d definitely buy American Sweetheart on vinyl, I’m still annoyed I sat on Nobody’s Daughter and now it’s out of print.
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  13. I'd love America's Sweetheart on baby pink viny.
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  14. i have the boxset preordered and i really want to get the Amazon silver variant at some point! So excited for the box
  15. I am just grabbing Target’s Crystal Clear. I wanted the 6LP set but it sold out before I could get to it.
  16. I’d deeply love this but would be astounded if it happened!
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  17. I have pre-ordered:

    6 LP Box Set
    Black LP
    Red LP
    Clear LP
    Silver LP
    Black LP with slipmat (although I have gotten an e-mail from Rhino about this being put on backorder)
    US 3 CD
    US CD
    Japan 3 CD with print
    Japan CD

    I think the only format I´m missing so far is the Barnes & Noble LP with exclusive print.
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  18. Could justify the 6LP set, it would never be played because elf the sheer length! Might get the Amazon exclusive version around release.
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