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Vinyljustice 2.0

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I'm never buying the Spice Girls stuff on day one again!
  2. Mess at me buying this
  3. Yep! The most I’ve done is 3, but even then it’s a bit tight so I tend to just cut out a thick piece of cardboard put it in a sleeve and put the extra discs in that right next to the one with the proper jacket.
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  4. I saw in the Alexandra Burke thread she said her debut would be getting a vinyl release. Wonder if it’s for this…
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  5. Take my money.
  6. I know X-Factor as a whole is problematic but we really are missing a lot of those releases, Leona and Alexandra’s debuts were massive, early Little Mix are a must and the UO One Direction weren’t released over here.

    I’d take Cher Lloyd and Diana Vickers too!
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  7. Ugh someone give me MDNA. The only album I’m missing (aside from Celebration but meh)
  8. Give me Siobhan’s Ghosts! (If we’re ranting)
  9. With Re-Offend, Man On a Mission, Obscured By Clouds, and Don't Take Me Back tacked on the end.
  10. Someone give me The Saturdays “Chasing Lights”
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  11. I want Boogie 2nite
  12. Doss’ EP finally ready to ship.

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  13. Ok but give us Heartbreak On Hold.
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  14. with "Beating Still" as a bonus, please.
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  16. I’d rather have the standard OG version of Overcome. The deluxe edition is a mess (with the single versions of Broken Heels / The Silence / All Night Long) and the messed up track list order

    And that cover.. iconic x
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  17. No word of a lie, I could literally stop buying vinyl if I ever get Siobhan's Ghosts.
  18. This is a responsibility to pop music I could only trust @Dark Ballet to deliver
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  19. OK and Crime of Passion too
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