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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I've just seen this concept that someone did last year on Twitter and the disc is gorgeous

    Not me completely forgetting about Crime of Passion. I'll see myself out.
    Do we think they should be added on the end on their own side, or re-sequence the tracklist so it flows a little better?
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  2. Both of Siobhan's albums on vinyl honestly, and Mutya's.
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  3. Music to Make Boys Cry
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  4. And Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree! Both of her albums are so underrated.
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  5. Don't do this to me my heart really skipped some beats thinking this is real.
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  6. And Givin’ in
  7. Nerina Pallot put on her Facebook page a questionnaire regarding a Fires vinyl pressing. There are tentative plans at the moment for next year, so nothing set in stone as of yet?
  8. Yes I saw this. It's a very exciting prospect. Fires needs vinyl.
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  9. The forthcoming Sofi Tukker album, Wet Tennis. Is it the same coloured LP everywhere? Or is it colour on their store and black everywhere else? Literally no record store shows this info.
  10. This made me do my quarterly check on Fires being available on Spotify in the US and it is! Totally missed it. I'd love a vinyl pressing.

  11. Kinda wish the vinyl release had that slipmat image for the cover instead of the eyes.
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  12. The other one is the 6lp box set cover.
  13. What is that crayon Madonna font about??
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  14. I’m guessing the messy handwriting font is to reflect DJs writing on white label records used in the clubs.
  15. No DJ is 5 years old.
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  16. Artists are here to disrupt the peace
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  17. She copied Rosalía
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