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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. The Kylie Disco extended mixes is only £11.71 on amazon at the moment

    DISCO (Extended Mixes)
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  2. I finally received One In A Million from Amazon. It's been 84 years etc. etc.
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  3. Speaking of Blackground Records vinyl, did anyone else buy JoJo's The High Road? I preordered mine from the Fnac website, expecting to receive it on the release date but it's been almost 2 weeks, and I'm still waiting for them to receive the vinyl from their supplier. Now do we have to blame Blackground for the constant delays or not?
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  4. Kicking myself for not getting Shygirl’s Alias Remixed now, I’m now obsessed with Tasty ( Boys Noize Remix)

    Also kicking myself for not ordering Finally Enough Love 6LP. The eBay prices are eye watering
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  5. It shows up on Discogs a lot for pretty decent prices. There's one up there now for like $20
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  6. Is it tomorrow that Charli’s True Romance is due to be announced?
  7. I had mine on preorder from Rough Trade and the release date came and went, and it was just pending, so I cancelled and ordered on Juno (I think) and it came a few days back.
    One thing I noticed on the cover, is that it looks like they've re-airbrushed the cover. If you get your copy eventually, you'll understand!
  8. Madonna's boxset has shipped and is due to arrive on Tuesday, can't wait. Ordered from Dig and just got a dispatch confirmation along with another mail informing me that I had to pay 50€ more for taxes though, fuck Brexit ddd
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  9. My Beyonce Limited Vinyl has still not dispached after 20 days, I wrote to the store five times and still no reply. I didn’t buy it with PayPal so I really don’t know what to do.
  10. Only one Target in my area got the Madonna exclusive in and only 3 copies at that. Thank god for app orders and getting that ready for pickup notification before the store even opens.
  11. If you bought with a credit/debit card, you should be able to do a charge back? If you've tried contacting the seller and they have been unresponsive then your bank should be able to sort it.
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  12. Yes, I usaully do this with Payapl but never did with my bank. At this point is my only option.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    You can usually open a dispute with your bank, especially as you've contacted the seller (webstore) first.
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  14. Cute how each side of Finally Enough Love is a different decade

    Side A - 80s
    Side B - 90s
    Side C - 00s
    Side D - 10s

    That's longevity divas x
  15. Almost like it was planned thinking face emoji
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  16. When you email a record store twice about your order, they don't reply either time, you then hit them up on Twitter, they respond nearly immediately, but then tell you they didn't get enough copies pressed of one of the two limited editions you ordered. Well done everyone.
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  17. My Dignity vinyl arrived crushed even though the packaging was fine so more likely poor quality control. The spine was flattened, the glue had come loose so the insert falls out through the bottom, the open side looks like it was cut with a child’s crinkly scissors the whole way along it and the vinyl has marks across 2 tracks. I contacted Urban Outfitters but they wouldn’t pay return postage for an exchange (although eventually offered to pay a percentage of it but wouldn’t tell me what percent) and instead offered me a 15% refund. I’m not really satisfied with either options but my anxiety can’t handle the hassle of returning it, worrying if it gets there, wondering if they’ll refund the postage and whether they’ll have a replacement in stock so I’ll probably just take the 15%. I wouldn’t be so quick to order from them again.
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  18. I ordered mine from Amazon a few months back and was delayed several times. It had been delayed so many times I had actually forgotten about it until an email came out of the blue telling me there were delivering on that day itself about 4 weeks ago!

    In regards to the cover, @TeamSats2012 is absolutely right, especially when I checked with the original CD. The vinyl has an almost polished sheen to it and her face is almost too airbrushed for it to be real.

    Now, since The High Road has finally arrived I wonder when Aaliyah’s self titled album will arrive. I have had this on order for a year now and the number of emails delaying the release nearly equal the number of months on preorder!

  19. Amazon Silver vinyl for Madonna looks nice. Reminiscent of the Weeknd's Dawn FM from Target.
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