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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Even the CD is £54.99 - what’s it made of, solid gold?!
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  2. What surprises me about that Barbra release is that there’s no real justification for why it’s costing so much, a nice jacket, a booklet and a well pressed vinyl don’t justify pushing the price so high.

    Looking at US listings it’s $59.99 which is still expensive obviously but I guess for us it’s bumped even more because of the exchange rate and maybe having to ship them over here…
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  3. Carrie is shaking
  4. I did think this was her album for a second, ha.
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  5. Beyoncé's Renaissance vinyl out on Friday is down to £50 on Amazon (for most of its time on pre-order it was £67.99)
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  6. Received mine a few days ago and I’d say it’s just about worth the money. The booklet with photos and lyrics is giving and a package like this is what the album deserves.
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  7. I’m sorry but to me £50 for a double vinyl with a nice booklet and slipcase are not worth the money they are asking. I will wait just like I did with Homecoming (I spent the same money she’s asking for the new one for that big 4 vinyls box set + booklet).
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  8. They seem to be widely released and are already online in many German webstores. It just isn't clear if they are also colored. If anyone sees anything about it let me know. I would buy two or three especially since they are fairly priced. Delivery from the US is just too much to get them from there.
  9. The cd is €21 on Amazon Italy?

    Edit: ok the Rough Trade cd is a SACD disc.
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  10. There are suddenly a few Troye Sivan Bloom vinyls on eBay going for very cheap if anyone wants it. They’ve been selling for insane prices on discogs for a while so it must’ve been restocked somewhere.
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  12. The price rise blows my mind when I remember buying brand new vinyl for 17.99 from eBay in 2017.
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  13. Walmart restocked them for $19 yesterday.
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  14. Looks like the Basement Jaxx ‘Remedy’ and ‘Rooty’ pressings have been pushed back again - this time to 30 December, according to Amazon.
  15. Glad I cancelled mine. Weren't they supposed to come out In July?
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  17. Selling the picture frame too, damn she's good.
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  18. Recordstore are doing another vinyl for
    Sam Fender's debut album Seventeen Going Under: Exclusive Pink Edge Glow LP. £25.99.


    Attached Files:

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  19. The 1975 official store has cancelled my order of the Store Exclusive Blue Galaxy vinyl. Annoying since I ordered it as soon as pre-orders came out.

    Even more annoying - I ordered the bundle with a cassette to get the signed photo so they’ve only refunded me £12 of the £24 bundle price! Nope, refund me the lot please!
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