Vinyljustice 2.0

It's so annoying the Amazon one has the best cover (imo) but the red is gorgeous.

I'm also still in shock the Taylor RSD release is £59.99. A joke.


Joyce Wrice Iced Tea 7" (yellow and black) and Overgrown repress. Both with OBI strips.
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6 copies on the shelf at Target on release day.

I posted about it in the album thread but her label f’d up and didn’t get the vinyl order in fast enough and only 1/3 of total shipments got delivered. The rest are delayed until next week. That goes for all variants.

All the Targets in my area got between 3-4 copies. Glad I woke up at 3am to place my pick up order cause every store is sold out now according to the app.
I love a coloured vinyl but I’m much more interested when artists put out albums with bonus tracks, b-sides etc.

Not having Carly Rae Jepsen’s Never Get To Hold Your or Anxious on vinyl alone is a hate crime.
Did anyone here buy the Red vinyl for Fever Ray's Radical Romantics?
Not sure if the whole pressing is bad or just a small batch?
My copy has scraping noises over the last 3 tracks on Side B...and reading the comments on Discogs it appears a dozen other people had the same issue.
Apparently the black vinyl sounds great.