Vinyljustice 2.0

The four soundtrack releases of Samurai Champloo are getting a repressing, out in October. The cheapest pre-order is from Vinyl Guru/chipfreq, here:
I drunkenly ordered Cold Caves entire discography when they announced the vinyl releases of their albums, the next day I realised I couldn’t really justify spending the £200 and requested my order be cancelled and refunded, the company never replied to my email, so I went to PayPal to raise a dispute, they now take several weeks to allow the company to reply, 3 weeks later I get a dispatch email so I can no longer get this refunded, how annoying!
Can someone help me out with ordering from Target in the US (I'm in the UK). I have a US mailing address which is fine, it's the payment stuff that's a problem. Even when I use PayPal it's rejected because of my billing address? Has anyone successfully ordered from them in the UK?