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I've ordered a bunch of stuff!


These are stunning, what are they?
Video game soundtrack arrangements. The first one is:

Mana (Secret of Mana Recreated) - there's 3 variants, the other two are:

Second one is: Symphony of Zeal - Orchestral Selections from Chrono Trigger.
It has 7 variants, but they're all sold out except for the variant I posted earlier and standard black.

Both from Mana Wave Media.
There's like a dozen German websites that have it, as well as FNAC (albeit with a 2 to 3 weeks delivery time). Outside of Europe, it does seem to be a bit hard to get so far, though.

Yeah I'm in Australia and a lot of European stores don't ship here, honestly I was expecting this to be a bigger release and be in places like Amazon.

Edit: imusic do ship to Oz and it's only AU$80 with postage which is quite good, I found it for pre order on one Oz store for AU$120.
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Those songs weren’t ready when they sent the album out to pressing plants.

Yeah, I was gonna say they probably put the embossed edition into production first because of the special packaging. The Ava song does appear on other vinyl editions of the album, and the FIFTY FIFTY track was probably super last minute, which is why it was excluded from all vinyl editions except for the CD. Won’t be surprised if this gets another repress in a few months with the Indigo Girls and Matchbox Twenty covers.