Vinyljustice 2.0

Well, I thought that red and white Loose would be around for a while but it's sold out already.


Hoping Sound of Vinyl pull their usual bullshit and add 15 more at a time over the next month so I can snag a copy.
Stock still available from the US store:
And the Canada one:
I am once again complaining about the cost of vinyl. Loose is 70 CAD after shipping…@Nelly these loonies and toonies don’t stretch that far you know that!!
My Delta Goodrem vinyls have arrived. Arrived safely and well packaged on Thursday.
Innocent Eyes is number 1401.
Mistaken Identity is number 0259.

My signed white Alexis Strum - Cocoon vinyl arrived at the same time too.

Plus bought a new all in one system (Majority Quadriga) to link my Sony turntable too, so I can stop relying on Bluetooth via my JBL Flip 6's for the audio from it. Means I can play my CD collection again too without turning on the TV aha.
Nicki's album on gray or blue when the title and covers both contain pink is giving the label was told the vinyls wouldn't be available until next year unless they went with the two colors the plant had an excess of dd.

Like they match, but when the album is called Pink Friday 2, surely you'd want the discs to match that? But the Roman Reloaded vinyl is only on black, so maybe there really was some sort of shortage dd