Vinyljustice 2.0


Has anyone got any advice about replacing stylus and/or the cartridge. My current one is about three years old and I've just noticed in the past month how the cartridge seems to be a lot lower to the vinyl to the point I'm having to adjust the weight of the arm so it doesn't rest on the record. I'm guessing this may mean the stylus is worn and needs to be replaced but just wanted to know if anyone had thoughts/feelings/well wishes?

For context, its the cartridge/stylus that comes with the Audio Technica 120lpx - if anyone has recommendations for replacement stylus/cartridge that aren't too pricey would love to hear!

I upgraded mine to the Audio Technica AT-VMN95L cartridge and I love it, it's fantastic. Really well balanced sound and it does an amazing job at minimizing inner grove distortion.

I think it's one of the best options as far as quality for a decent price goes, and depending on what cartridge you already have, you might only need to get the stylus which makes for an easy install.
I posted this in the Chappell Roan thread itself but it’s really irked me. My copy of her debut vinyl arrived and it wasn’t cheap… but it doesn’t even have a track list anywhere - just a URL it says to go to for the credits, but the link isn’t found. So there’s no easy way to know which tracks are on which disc. I then discovered via discogs that side D is completely blank! Bit disappointed really.
Urban Outfitters update!

Everyone should have received their goods by now, if not hit me up. The only issue we currently have is with Omar Apollo going missing, chats with UO indicate if they deem it missing they won't replace it and will just refund (annoying), so I'm waiting on their verdict as to when to open up the next round for Addison Rae and others.

Ideally I'll be opening the shop by the end of the week, Gaga and Billie 7"s are wishful thinking, but they do still have others available (e.g. Charli and Mariah), they also have Christina's Lotus back in stock for anyone who wanted a copy but couldn't when the group shop was unable to secure any.
Blonde repress!

It looks like this is back in stock for those that missed out @Lapras @j267