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Out 19/04
I’ll usually only go for signed if it’s someone I love and if it’s personalized. Otherwise I don’t see the point. But I know some people who only collect signed and color variants, so there’s definitely a consumer base for it I guess.
The only signed vinyls I have are from Kelly Clarkson when I met her at the Chemistry singing, Aly & AJ & Kacey Musgraves. Couple signed CD's from Mariah, Ari & Hilary Duff.
Sometimes I’ll get a signed vinyl if it’s a bonus and regular price or the artist is offering first few to come with it anyway, but I kind of don’t see the point if I didn’t get it myself in person.
How do you all feel about signed releases? I’m acquiring more and more, often unintentionally because things are just sold as signed, and frankly I don’t think I care about it. It feels like another issue to be worrying about, will it fade, will it smudge, is it real, does ink react badly with polypropylene sleeves…

I have a few which are unique and I do treasure, and getting an item signed in person is different, but simply pre-signed as an incentive to purchase? I don’t know...should signed sleeves be protected any differently than non-signed though?

I do genuinely love getting signed copies because it's their pen, y'know? But of late I do tend to believe it's not actually the artist signing them.
If it's Banquet I'll pull the trigger, but if it's a webstore thing I'll usually pass because I just don't believe many artists are sitting and signing thousands of "art prints" or whatever.
I'm not really bothered about signed pressings either, mostly because I hate the idea of pen being on the sleeve nn. I much prefer when it's a signed art card or something (like Charli did for Crash)

Only other signed pressing is Barely Legal / Slow Hands vinyl by Azealia.
My biggest score recently has been getting both Arlo Parks albums brand new on pretty color vinyl for $30 total. Thanks, UO!

Also just bought the Indigo Sparke album for $7.50 dd. Love that for me.
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I am floored that the Blonde vinyl is still available to purchase? I thought this was super rare and assumed the new run would be too. Do we know how limited this is?