Vinyljustice 2.0

Big lesson learned from me. No more big pop girl pre-orders (or at least ones w/o a tracklist). I figured BEYONCÉ of all people wouldn't let a release go forward w/ all of this sloppiness, but the way this is becoming an increasing trend (along with increasing prices)... No, ma'am.
You harrassing her customer service over the black vinyl being or being not translucent only for… this to happen.

Ddddd. The way I gave them an OUT asking to cancel only that variant after they admitted to fucking up... And now here we are. Uh oh!

Seeing indie stores getting all variants now…it’s giving Swift games and I played myself.

“Webstore exclusive/One time pressing” be damned AND you don’t get all the tracks. Low key pissed
Which stores are selling the variants? I’ve not seen any in the UK.

Rough Trade US and Bullmoose don’t seem to be showing any (I’m not super knowledgable on US indies). I know Graffiti Records posted a clip of them with all the variants but I don’t believe they sell them - someone on their team just likes to show off their collection nn.