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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Seriously? They suck. Ddddd. They didn't even mention it was limited. So much for a full discography Christmas!
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  3. For anyone who bought Divina De Campo’s vinyl on Record Store Day, if you email [email protected] with the code from the sticker on the shrink wrapping, you’ll get a free ticket to an online livestream Divina is doing next week. Just thought I’d mention on here as I wasn’t aware until someone else told me.
  4. That’s nice, thanks for the heads up. Still waiting on my DDC vinyl to arrive from Banquet (they told me today to give it until the 20th) so hopefully it actually arrives before the livestream!
  5. I saw someone say the RSD Robyn is a RSD first release? Which means it’ll get a standard pressing eventually (maybe in black)? I wonder how accurate that is.

    In other news, my UO 20% birthday discount code can’t be applied to vinyl. UO really said you cigs better pay full price or else.
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  6. My friend mentioned this happening to him a few weeks ago and when he messaged Urban about it, they refunded him the 20% on his order. Not sure if that was a one off or what, but it'd be worth a shot.
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  7. Same happened to me when I tried to order with my birthday discount. Asked them if something was wrong and they told me to make the order first and then they'll refund me. I did and then wrote back for the refund and they told me it can't be applied on vinyl, so I cancelled. What did work for me was the $5 discount with UO Rewards if you become a member in the app. It's not much, but there's no way I'll pay the full $30 shipping fee.
  8. @otrodaniel Blackout and My Prerogative are not available for discount or free shipping either. They’re on to us.
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  9. Dd I never paid full price for any of the Britney vinyl so I’m happy I got them all when I did
  10. The UO Rewards $5 discount worked for me! At least for My Prerogative, but I also ordered like 4 more records, so it was like only a $1 off

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  11. Bonus track? The version I have from 2018 is the standard 11 track album?
  12. Heaven was never on the original tracklisting.
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  13. OK but ultimate Medusa was this 2CD edition:


    Release this on double vinyl, Annie.
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  14. Sorry if it's already been posted (I did scroll back), but Daisies is now delayed until Oct 30th.
  15. EELS - Earth To Dora
    Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl Box Set w/ Fridge Magnets, Litho Print + Zoetrope Slipmat

    A zoetrope slipmat?

  16. Has anyone had any further updates on the Tinashe - Songs For You vinyl? Last update I had was that they were shipping in August....
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  17. lol.
  18. Last update I got was in June and said a potential ship date of September if they can get them printed by then.
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