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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I don't think it's ever coming out, it's been pushed back so much that I am expecting a refund soon...
  2. Ooooh. Right. I didn’t realize because the original 1995 pressing I have ends with Heaven too. I guess it was only on the original version released in Brazil.
  3. I remember someone asking about the Yelle vinyl the other day - my copy arrived today (I'm in France)! I remember them saying they had a slight production delay + Julie had to sign all of them that's probably why it's late. Got the pale pink version which I'm quite happy with!
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  4. I got mine today too, but the delay was due to fabrication problems on the colors (Grand Marnier told that to a fan on Instagram). Mine is yellow wich surprised me but I love it!
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  5. If you're a fan of Saint Etienne in this thread, Assai have nearly all of their back catalogue available for £11.99.
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  6. Why do I feel like if we ever do get them, because they’ve lacked understanding of the whole vinyl process so far it’ll just be mp3’s that are pressed instead of properly, mastered for vinyl audio.
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  7. My Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now vinyl is being despatched!
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  8. Dd yeah I am not hopeful about the anticipated quality of the Songs For You vinyl. This long of a wait is unheard of and there are other independent artists who have gotten their vinyl out with no issue - hopefully Miss Nashe was the scammer in this situation and wasn’t the one who got scammed.
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  9. All these scams for you, baby

    *~ You know who you are ~*
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  10. I think Merch Now is just incompetent.
  11. Second time Tinashe has scammed me, the first being a cancelled gig

    make that money baby
  12. I think Tinashe is due Neverary 32nd. B.C.
  13. I’ve ordered a few more Mariah since a couple of people asked if there were any spare. Please get them through the group shop if you missed out.
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  14. uDiscover finally canceled my first Mariah order, so now I've placed the correct one and I know peace at last
  15. Might as well cancel my uDiscover music order. Hopefully I can get the ones I want from her store with Christmas $$.... ha!
  16. Spinning my just-arrived copy of Anniemal and feeling gay 'n happy.
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  17. My Yellow Charli from her German store arrived.. pretty bended.
    The sleeve looks pretty rough, the vinyl looks okay but here goes my complaint. They probably are not having replacement copies but at least a partial refund would be fine and fair.
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