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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. kill me I can’t order until Monday!!!
  2. Ordered!!!!!
    Will cancel if it shows up on amazon...

    Got my copy of Katy’s One Of The Boys yesterday! It was indeed the coloured version! Love it! Can’t believe it was so cheap, it’s going for stupid money on eBay.
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  3. It’s sold out on the website but it’s available at my local indie for preorder so it should probably be available elsewhere.
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  4. Are you talking about Homecoming? Cause it just let me order 1,000 copies.
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  5. I am indeed talking about Homecoming that is already out of stock on my page.

    Edit: I just went and checked, and it's back! It wasn't when I posted a bit ago. Hot dog.
  6. VasFlipios
  7. Ordered the Homecoming vinyls.
  8. Found these Blackout pics on Twitter and now I can’t wait to get it!

    Attached Files:

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  9. If you put the Homecoming LP in your cart and wait 2 hours, you’ll get a 15% off code. Try HOLDUP15
  10. That color combo / swirl...........

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  11. Looks like a bloody mess. I’ll keep my gray swirl.
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  12. That is not good, glad I got the first edition of the vinyl.
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  13. Given how messy the Blackout cover is in general, I actually think the new one is perfect? And I don’t usually like swirls.
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  14. I need find a sugar daddy to buy me ‘HOMECOMING’, oh god.
  15. Thank you for this. I’ve convinced my partner to get me this for Christmas and I now have a little extra in my budget. Every little helps haha.
  16. Has the Kylie Disco deluxe vinyl on Amazon disappeared?

    I preordered but it appears to have been taken down. I now have an item arriving on Dec 1st which I assume is Disco, but there’s no information on what the order is.
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  17. so I just found a Listing on Saturn/Media Markt (Germany) for the

    Deluxe Edition of Lewis Capaldi‘s Album.

    The same listing for the RSD ones.
    They sell the Vinyl already as part of the Universal Coloured Vinyl Promotion like Frozen in Blue or Janet on Clear.

    Media Markt

    promotion page Media Markt
    promotion page Saturn
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  18. Are you on the right forum?
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