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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Anyone in Holland getting it? I am afraid of import tax and stuff... But the 2 retailers I saw it at are selling it at around €100...
  2. I ordered from the US store and I’ll get it cancelled if they turn up cheaper elsewhere. Ended up costing $65 including shipping, so even with tax it beats the price jpc are offering.
  3. Thank you, legend!
  4. I caved and split the cost of Homecoming with my bf nn.

    cheap queen x
  5. £44 instead of £52 by using this code and using a card instead of Paypal.
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  6. Do we know what the deal with Homecoming being 'limited quantity' is?

    I've spent far too much on vinyl this month and trying to work out if it means they have a quantity already arranged that could sell out any minute, or whether it means once it ships out in 6 weeks they stop making it...?
  7. One of y’all changed my world when you pointed out that technically every item in existence is of a limited quantity
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  8. It's bullshit, babe.
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  9. I’m happy for anybody who is getting their ‘Blackouť but it literally looks like bloody shit to me.
  10. It is hard to make the label effect transparent insted of this gray?... I mean, it ruined the concept for me, and wharever colour the vinyl is, it will look like shit
  11. What those annoying twats in the UO comments section deserve.
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  12. Sent out PMs to everyone who's names were on the Secret Santa sign up! Let me know if you signed up and didn't get one.
  13. Wondering if they pressed more of Britney RSD? Every store seems to have received a second shipment this week. Same with the Billie Eilish RSD one back in September but that one wasn’t as limited. The scammery of it all.
  14. They definitely pressed more than advertised. It entered the Billboard 200 with something like 8k or 9k sold that weekend.
  15. LMX


    Did anyone here buy the Blackout cassette from Urban? The glitchy cover ended up being printed. A mess
  16. They totally deserve it.
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  17. RMK


    Stop now I can't unsee it.
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