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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. RMK


    I've made multiple posts about this vinyl so it may be repetitive but, okay, the Blackout vinyl looks good paired with the packaging. It wouldn't be as orange/muddy if there was more of a swirl.
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  2. My Halsey deluxe vinyl FINALLY got shipped.

    There’s still hope for Tinashe’s vinyl!
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  3. A friend of mine equated the new “Blackout” swirl vinyl to a “pepperoni butthole”.

    And now, I can’t unsee it.
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  4. The Blackout cover is hideous. The disc should be hideous. Get with the program, peeps!
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  6. HMRC are the authority for charging VAT & import/custom fees. Royal Mail do it "on behalf" of HMRC so you pay them instead of paying HMRC/or separate fees to both.
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  7. Homecoming on
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  8. Yay! Got it today (no import duties x2 yay!!) and it's the colored variant. Thanks @SecretsOfFatima for the heads up!
  9. After a few back and forth’s with the label, I’ve finally submitted my license requests for Siobhan pressings and a few others. Keep your fingers crossed!! I’m very excited!!
  10. Wow, incredible! I'm as excited as you are! What else did you submit, or is that a secret for now!?
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  11. Keep me posted!
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  12. I’ll keep that to myself for now. Just for fear of jinxing it!
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  13. you can follow everything here - Don’t wanna be pissing folk off here again...
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  14. dodie - BUILD A PROBLEM
    Deluxe (Signed).
    Limited to 1000 copies.

    Black, Sage & Pistachio.

    Cream & Green.
    Limited to 500 copies.
  15. whats a dodie
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  16. Someone you’ll stan 6 months too late
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  17. How dare y-
  18. ASMR whisper folk for Gen Z girls who went to private school.
  19. Clairo found packing bags
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