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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Qrates offer a lot of different services, but I kinda want to take on the challenge myself, also their costs of pressing, mastering, etc seems way higher than a broker like Disc Mastering Service (who aren’t even the cheapest in the UK).

    Costs for mastering, test presses and production of coloured vinyl, single jackets and printed art sleeve come to £1,700 for 250 copies from DMS, compared to £2,100 for 200 copies from Qrate. Dread to think what extra fees they’d take for distributing and selling themselves too.

    It’s probably just a bit of a pipe dream but I’d love to give it a go, even if it ends up a failure.
  2. I’d gladly invest in HeartSwells Records.
  3. Well it’s of no use now.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I got the email notification saying they had restocked at 00:45 GMT and went on and grabbed it. But there were still some (maybe just one or two) left when I posted the link. Maybe check at that same sort of time?
  6. If I was doing it I’d probably want to do it DIY too, have just never taken the plunge (almost did for an old band of mine about ten years ago...then had a big issue with my car and that was the spare cash gone).
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  7. Thank you Vassie! This post made me angry (not), so I googled the barcode and found it on some half-broken/new? webstore for an independent vinyl shop and orderd it. Love ya!

    We’ll see if it ever arrives and in what condition, teehee.

    update: I just read the thread I-
    Am I gonna cancel? No.
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  8. Well, if someone wants to press Rachel Stevens' Come and get it, I'm all up for it!
  9. I wouldn’t mind State of Mind by Holly Valance either.
  10. This is now turning into “my fave flop album as a kid”.
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  11. I’m annoyed I missed out on the HMV Katy Perry Smile exclusive, how often do these things come back in stock? If ever?
  12. And what about it?
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  13. All of our fav albums as kids then, and adults.
  14. Has anyone else had an email from Vinyl Me Please about Bolt Cutters cause I definitely havent dddd
  15. I've had one to say it's on the way, but my tracking link doesn't work and the order status page says that my order is confirmed, rather than shipped.
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  16. I haven’t so you’re not alone.
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  17. My tracking number works and says it should be here by the 22nd. Hopefully they’re just working through orders
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