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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Honestly I'm surprised they sold that many 3xLP boxsets of the album itself. I thought that was a serious overestimation of audience, but they're not available anymore so clearly they were purchased
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  2. No hate because I enjoy her stuff, but miss Hayley is really pushing it doing 10k pressing of a three track acoustic 10" on turd coloured vinyl. The local landfill will be eating good!
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  3. 20% off MusicMagpie on eBay with this code: POPUPOCT20

    Managed to grab Tom Misch - What Kinda Music, Wicked Soundtrack and Todd Terje - It’s Album Time all cheaper than elsewhere.
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  4. Also VV Brown second album for £10, Sinead O’Connor’s latest for under £10
  5. And Sigrid picture disc for £12 which would be a good dinner plate or frisbee
  6. And two How to Dress Well albums for under £8 each
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  7. Yeah, I think I'm good...
  8. I’m trying to help people you salty cracker!
  9. MusicMagpie has FKA Twigs EP2 for £11.74
  10. Not really a PJ fave but my green copy of Lana’s ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’ arrived today and it looks lovely.

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  11. Why do you wonderful people alert me to such cheap (eBay) vinyl finds when I've already spent this month's discretionary spending on a harness and jock combo.
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  12. My pink Emotion shipped.
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  13. A lot of Mariah's new vinyls (I'm assuming black) have popped up on Target's website for much cheaper than her webstore variants.
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  14. Book gays telling the group chat they're now single.
  15. UK King Of Pop is releasing



    Signed album is only 19 quid.
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  16. Probably the opposite of Popjustice (but for some reason I stan them) but Arctic Monkeys are releasing their Royal Albert Hall show on clear & black vinyl, first official live release from them in over a decade!
  17. The other day I discovered the Madonna exclusives released at Sainsbury’s (and found a couple on eBay for reasonable prices still) but today I found out that Kylie did some too and yeah looks like they won’t be reasonable at all...
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  18. Beyoncé’s Homecoming is now on UK Amazon for £73. If it goes below £60 it will work out cheaper than her online store + customs + £8 Royal Mail fee, although if you did this and cancelled from her store you’ll lose a bit of the refund due to exchange rates changing.
  19. My local one in Dundee had Madge's first three albums on clear vinyl the other day. I don't recall that being touted as an exclusive, but that's what they were advertised as.
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