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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I think these links are spread from the customer service after cancellations etc as in my case and ‘re-open’ as there are summer dates so who knows if the orders will come actually through especially if there happen to be higher numbers of purchases suddenly.
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  2. DW they ended up cancelling my order lol
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  3. @Voicething how did it go with cancelling your Mariah webstore order that included the rarities?? X
  4. £7.60 Customs
    £8 Royal Mail handling fee.

    Bring on the prepaid tax system as of January 1st!!
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  5. Wait not me only getting 5.34 in customs

    She wins!
  6. I've seen things about this but not sure what it all entails? Does this mean that when you order something from overseas (US for example), does this mean that all the charges that you could incur will be paid for at the time of payment/order?
  7. Royal Mail starting to ring up the "handling" fees on all of our Tinashe purchases:

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  8. No

    The U.K. government screens parcels as they come in from regions that we don’t have free trade with. Then they slap on an £8 processing fee and a % fee based on the value of the item... and hold it hostage until you pay up
  9. The way I nearly always get customs and processing fees on top of vinyl I have completely given up on getting excited about receiving @RoyalMail thanks king x

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  10. Oh I had the CD ordered too that's probably why mine was higher.
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  11. [​IMG]
    You can't preorder until next year but the mockups look Universal/The Sound Of Vinyl based though so maybe they'll make their way over here as well as her US store.
  12. And just as I go to pay clandestine meetings sells out!
  13. This looks so tacky, need.
  14. Yaaaaassss
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  15. One suitcase to hold a vinyl?? Sis.
    I might snatch the regular 3LP set even though I have the original pressing. It looks cool à la Gwen's LAMB.
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  16. Also an announcement of an announcement but this time about a physical product is killing me
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  17. They include the international deluxe tracks & BedRock too. Maybe she snapped.
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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    I NEED
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  19. They NEED to collab with Mattel (or a cheap alt) to have a Nicki doll to include in the suitcase come on now.
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  20. Going thru airport security with that Pink Friday suitcase in one hand and the Girls Aloud singles collection in the other
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