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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thanks. I just emailed them again. The first time they simply copy/pasted some shipping conditions (suggesting I should wait 28 business days, I mean, how can that be if I chose 3-5 day shipping?).
    Let's see what happens now, I also requested shipping refunds like you said!
  2. Kylie’s Disco glow in the dark is available again on Amazon U.K.
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  3. Looks like they released another 1000, there’s 805 left as I type.

    also the Seventh Tree mock-up!
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  4. Finally getting my folklore vinyls!!!
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  5. @HeartSwells is pheebs her debut or is it Punisher? Which has seven million variants by this point
  6. I don't know what to do about my (2) folklore vinyls. they "processed" on Nov 19 and the tracking status has been sitting as "Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet" since then. 2 days later, I had to change the delivery address via UPS My Choice since I'm not going to be home for a few months, and it's still in that status. I reached out to TS customer service and they said to "allow 2 weeks from shipment date for your package to be delivered, as it's likely it's still on its way" - but they still havent even given it to UPS.

    Tempted to get one of these cyber monday flash ones but I dont want to give them more $$....
  7. Not the biggest vinyl account on Insta (which posts every new pop release as they go up for pre-order) joining a wellness pyramid scheme sorry Multi Level Marketing company nn
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  8. All y’all complaining regarding shipping in the middle of Q4 and Black Friday... What did you expect?
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  9. Punisher nn

    Annoying because red/blue galaxy sounds much better than the Rough Trade exclusive I just got.
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  10. To be fair, if you’ve paid for 3-5 business days shipping and it’s been over two weeks, I’d say you’re well in your right to complain.
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  11. I thought the best looking one was the Secretly exclusive, the blue with the swirl.
  12. Her team is being annoying as fuck and delaying shipment so that the sales can be applied steadily week by week. Same issue for me, too. I’m thinking they should worry about a restock once they send everyone their shit they pre-ordered in July. I’m not knocking her or her team’s hu$$$$tle, but it’s starting to come across borderline disrespectful. Dddd.
  13. Link or DM please
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  14. Songs for You is here. It’s gorgeous.
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  15. Same thing happened to me. Asked them for the cofirmation e-mail but still no answer. It hasn't shipped according to the dashboard. Is their service always like this?
  16. RMK


    This is.. On another level. I personally never connected the dots. How annoying
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  17. RJF


    Can someone tell me what the Club Future Nostalgia is like in terms of... playability? The track listing being so different to the one on streaming is putting me off.
  18. I don't love it unfortunately, mainly because I'm so used to consuming it on streaming, and some of the tracks just pop better in the full mix and lose their shine when they're exposed on their own. The packaging is cute but even as a stan I can't see it touching my turntable much.
  19. Confirmation arrived today... two days later
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  20. Seventh Tree listed on Universal stores at £25... ok scammers
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