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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Back of Britney:

  2. No Tinashe on Slumber Party?
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  3. Why would they include (By Demand) in the official song name?!
  4. The fact that they pressed a whole new record with an entirely new side and nobody checked the tracklist order to change it from the original physical order to the revised digital one...clownery!
  5. Pat


    Clumsy indeed. I guess that means Tinashe could still be on Slumber Party? But they just forgot to update the tracklist.
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  6. I have questions dddd.

    1. Why is (By Demand) suddenly part of Mood Ring's title?
    2. Why was there ever an alternate digital/physical tracklist to begin with?
    3. Why would you start Side C with What You Need? That is a hate crime.

    Oh, team Britney... I know you're trying.
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    1. Because it was demanded by the fans and I suppose Britney wanted the title to reflect that.

    2. Streaming versions sometimes have a different tracklist so certain songs (usually singles) get more streams.
    3. That is the real mystery ddd.
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  7. 1. I assume to keep the streaming numbers from the already released Mood Ring (by demand) one that was released.
    2. Karen Kwak changed the order last minute as she said it flowed better (it does), which they did for the digital versions but it was too late to change it to the physical versions.
    3. Just the way the tracklist works.
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  8. Hilary Duff ha legacy
  9. It wouldn't be a Britney release if there wasn't some fuckery afoot. Her team are so shit.
  10. Reading all of these Secret Santa posts is making me both excited and nervous for mine to arrive with its giftee!
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  11. I gave up and bought the Club Future Nostalgia Vinyl since it's clearly a store exclusive. I hate her.
  12. I agree - I don't like it as a Track 2 at all. Works so much better before Slumber Party.
  13. Haha, spot the 00s indie DJ with the impossible-to-pigeonhole record collection!
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  14. Ahahahaha everyone scrambled to get the ~1000 copies~ of Glory and now her own store is selling it? Goodbye
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