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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I really wish she’d have released the actual albums signed like she did for Rid of Me but OH WELL. This and Is This Desire I’m gagging for, though it would be nice if This Wicked Tongue were included on Stories.
  2. Finally completed my Tori collection!

  3. My Jessie Ware - Overtime vinyl came in. So giddy!


    Just watch her put this on the What's Your Pleasure? Deluxe album...
  4. Where on earth did you get a Choirgirl vinyl?!
  5. V V Brown has launched a new kickstarter.

    Includes Travelling Like The Light, the unreleased Lollipops and Politics album, an acoustic version of Travelling... and signed copies of “a new album”.

    Seems quite ambitious to try and release all that with a goal of only £8,000 but, uh, maybe it could work out?
  6. I'm waiting for her to put up an option to purchase all the vinyl. At the minute the two I'm after are in different pledges.
  7. You should tweet/comment/message her about this – there's been a few Kickstarters where there's been some weird blind spots in the pledges where they don't quite work with what I want and I've had to ask for an additional one to be included. The artists are usually more than happy to do it.
  8. Would love Choirgirl Hotel on vinyl.
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  9. Amazing news! Traveling Like The Light has been at the top of my wishlist for a while.
  10. Just received the emancipation of mimi from UO and it’s the clear one...I’m TIRED. I know the Mariah US store was sending out gold vinyl instead of the clear ones but was that the same case for the UK store?
  11. Nope, I got clear from her U.K. store...
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  13. Ya I asked for clarity on vinyl on her Facebook but then it got hacked fjdjd

    classic Vanessa

  14. Why did this send me
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  15. The very idea of a Noel Gallagher Unplugged album is queasing me up!
  16. Looking through the kickstarter rewards properly and I'm a little confused. The B side of the record "includes demos and exclusive content", so I guess that means it's two discs? And she's also making an acoustic LP?

    I guess I'm a little wary of the "new album" that's part of some of the tiers as she's announced work on a new album maybe four times in the last few years.
  17. Yeah I just want an option to buy Travelling and Lollipops on vinyl as a double deal. Not fussed about any extras.

    Although cackling at the option to have her round to cook dinner. Imagine the carnage.
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  19. It was on Discogs and it wasn’t cheap BUT it was a lot cheaper than what I’ve seen for a while. It looks In mint condition which I’m really happy about.

    I’m considering getting Scarlet’s Walk pressed on my own after seen the success some of you have had on here.
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  20. Great! You got it from the Banquet sale, right?
    I only got a computer-generated order confirmation but later I remembered I read an article in this thread about Banquet stopping to send orders outside the UK so they probably know about my order and have it on hold waiting when the situation “settles down” etc.
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