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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Rarities just arrived. It’s stunning. The front and back pictures are just beautiful, as is the effect of opening it up. Als just 12 Euro extra for taxes, like 10 £ or so. Instantly one of my fav records I own. Somehow it even makes sense it’s black vinyl. It all feels so classic.
  2. Ugh, the way you came away with the better variant and avoided giving me your coins.

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  3. Nawt when I got butterfly and rainbow through you my bestie xx
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  4. If my Emancipation from Urban comes in clear I am... Probably going to keep it but demand a complete refund anyway nn. I hate them! The uDiscover store had all the Mimi's on sale and free shipping at one point last month too.
  5. I got a copy of Mimi for $14 with the free shipping, sale, and "comeback" promo code.
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  6. I’m sure everyone is riveted by this but I just got an email about how I’m going to be receiving clear and I got a code and I’m like fuck off get a goddamn gold one.
  7. UO just emailed me saying the gold is now clear, and if I don't like it too bad here's a link to start a return fffff. And a pathetic 15% off code for a future purchase.

    @aaronhansome get the Dua Lipa Vogue wig out. Edit: nn just saw you posted before I did speedy king
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  8. It will. They don’t have the gold in stock. What a mess!


    edit: @aaronhansome @Mr Blonde kii
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  9. I live in London. But tried to order today and they won’t ship here anymore
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  10. "The Emancipation of Mimi Limited 2XLP Gold you purchased has changed slightly"
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  11. Just emailed the uDiscover store too. This is also your fault baby!

    (The way this is not important but here I am, being a bitch.)
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  12. the purchase I already made months ago.
  13. Do people know if the clears from UK stores like recordstore and Sound of Vinyl are gold too or just the US orders?
  14. Just the US orders.
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  15. Well, my Gold Emancipation dreams are shattered.
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  16. Meanwhile the 'clear' gold on her US store is sold out. Hopefully that's just temporary...
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  17. It’s been sold out for a week now... hopefully they’ll put it back up with the gold image at some point.
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  18. This is funny but also tragic, help.
  19. Mine hasn’t even been sent but they won’t cancel it....
    I’ve emailed them and tried lied chat a few times but no one is available....
  20. RJF


    The Beyoncé Store was actually helpful! They've sent a request to the warehouse to resend the album. They didn't say anything about the fact it's out of stock on her website being an issue so... fingers crossed.
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