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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Pat


    Heck. After seeing all the positive reviews about Mariah's Rarities vinyl, I just decided to buy a copy.
  2. For whatever reason I always feel like the cover isn't complete without the sticker especially textless covers (like folklore). What I do is I keep the cellophane wrap only cut at the side to take the record out.
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  3. I keep my hype stickers in a little baggie. Every time I put another one away I think “Why am I saving these?” Then I put them right back. I feel like a hoarder but that’s ok.
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  4. I’ve got most of my hype stickers in a little flyer sized popper wallet that conveniently fits inside my 7 inch vinyl flight case.
    Depending on the record/artwork depends on whether I put it on the cover or not.
    Plus, if I can easily get the sticker off! I’ve found U.K. releases are much easier to take off rather than US?
  5. Being a completionist has turned out to be really bad for my wallet, because I want to collect all of the vinyls of my faves. It doesn't help that playing my vinyls has been one of the biggest comforts throughout the pandemic.
  6. My pleasure - thrilled you enjoy it!
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  7. Ok good - I’m glad I’m not alone
  8. I’ve definitely spent a lot of time listening to my vinyl. I just cleaned the kitchen to Love to Love you Donna, the Donna Summer remix album which I got for £3 new and really love.
    Weirdly I just bought a CD player to add to my set up (a Denon DCD50 if any is interested) because so many Japanese and Chinese albums don’t get a vinyl release .
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  9. It makes me happy being part of this forum, because it's definitely helped me discover so many fantastic artists and bands, also made me interested in starting my vinyl collection. I was so happy when my dad give me his old vinyl player last year together with his old vinyl collection!
  10. And it’s so great to get the new releases but there’s a special feeling playing something from childhood.
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  11. Sorry if this has already been posted but MusicMagpie have a sale on ebay of 20% when you buy two certain vinyl and use code PACKUP20 including Mariah's Rainbow and Music Box.

    Just looking through the rest now...
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  12. I know what you mean. For me I like to alternate a lot of my vinyl in frames and i like the album art to remain unblemished with hype stickers. I think putting them
    On the reverse is a little compromise
  13. My black vinyl copy of "Mimi" was delivered today. Minus the f*ck up on the front cover, it's truly beautiful.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Just got an email back from Urban Outfitters about the Clear Mimi vinyl. Still insisting there’s nothing they can do. So I’ve threatened them with filing a dispute with PayPal, worked before with something else, so figured may aswell try haha
  15. Honestly obsessed that so many things were wrong with the Mimi release.
  16. I mean yeah I would've preferred the gold even if it's the mustardy gold and not the actual gold ripple like Butterfly, but I think the clear still fits the gatefold image and makes me think of diamonds so I'll take it
  17. Annoying The Rarities has sold out, I didn’t even know it had been put up as an individual release rather than a book bundle and now it’s gone anyway, sigh. It would be nice if it got a release without the live album, but I doubt that’ll happen.
  18. Me, watching this thread, knowing I dodged a bullet by randomly ordering every Mariah album except Emancipation months ago...
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  19. Will there be a restock on her site? Maybe not the Rarities?
  20. Managed to order a copy of Kylie’s “Disco” from Barnes & Noble, but it doesn’t mention an exclusive color.

    Also - the hype sticker for Vanessa Carlton’s “Be Not Nobody” melted gold vinyl mentions its limited to 500 copies. Is that a fact? I see it on Discogs for over $65, but managed to buy it today online for $25.
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