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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Red is just as fitting
  2. I think this (well, and the poetry album) might be the first Lana album I sit out of but for those who are interested:

    Standard Black
    Store Exclusive Transparent
    Store Exclusive Grey
    Indies Exclusive Light Yellow
    Amazon Exclusive Beige
    HMV Exclusive Red (Alt Cover)

    also HMV have an exclusive alt cover CD.
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  4. I actually really want their debut (Aim & Ignite) but it would cost an arm and a leg to get, why did I get into record collecting so late
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  6. There has also been a product code created for a "Chemtrails signed 12x12 art print" so I guess that’ll be added with vinyl bundles at some point. Universal have clearly seen how she’s killing her fanbase little by little and are wanting to get the most out of the fans that have stayed.
  7. UO will soon learn to not take that pink pound for granted, when they get rushed by a load of Homo-Karens.
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  8. Like Kylie and Taylor? I mean, I get the hate but let’s not act like variants are a Lana exclusive.
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  9. Kyle Mnogue
  10. My Jessie Ware Adore You/Overtime came today and I’m so glad I got it. I really love the way the titles on the inner sleeve line up with the outer sleeve. My Sawayama Remixed will get here eventually. It’s funny because the Jessie one from Banquet I never even got any shipping info for it just showed up.
  11. Lanas HMV exclusive says sold out? Anyone know if it will come back
  12. In case you don't want to risk it, FNAC has it too (as well as the yellow vinyl and the "exclusive" CD).
  13. Stars Dance is back up, they pushed the release date from February to April.
  14. I think they mean that you’re getting a frame and nothing else - while other brands give you a cardboard to place behind the vinyl so you don’t damage the cover with the metal safety thingies that keep the record sleeve in place.
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  15. So for anyone else trying to sort this, they just refunded me. Weirdly they refunded me for the wrong item but whatever, pretty sure the clear Mimi is still coming too.
  16. Wow. Mine came today and it’s still full of color and vibrant. Wonder what happened.
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  17. its also up on FNAC and JB Australia and a Dutch Site I can’t remember. So this is probably a worldwide release but exclusively to one store.
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