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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Is that length including the 3 bonus tracks that are included on the deluxe?
  2. No, that would sound worse. We're already (very likely) getting the CD mix pressed onto wax, please don't want the music to be even worse.
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  4. Rarities turned up today less than 2 weeks after ordering and not a custom charge in sight, I'm amazed!
  5. Electra Heart was £15.00 on Amazon last month and is now (at least triple) the price everywhere? I can't at all these random ass releases going for crazy amounts all of a sudden. I really need to start buying shit when I see it instead of being careful with my coins, huh.
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  6. The speed with which I ordered that Joanne variant even though it’s not limited.
  7. It stinks but that’s pretty much how it is. Something will pop in my head like “oh I’ll just pick this up” and nope, it’s now $500. Between that and the time it takes for some of the vinyls to actually get made it always looks like Christmas with vinyls coming to the house. Oh well who needs necessities anyway.
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  8. I can't find E•MO•TION anywhere :(
  9. The new Joanne variant is cute but considering I just bought the standard for £9... I'm good
  10. I feel like it’s not really helped because in the past when a vinyl would run out of a print run (say in 2015 or so) the labels would get more pressed and it would arrive within a couple of weeks. Now there’s a 20 week wait (and that’s if they choose to prioritise re-pressing existing vinyl instead of new ones at pressing plants, where slots are limited), so even if they do get re-pressed the prices are driven up (especially for pop music) for the 20 weeks+.

    The first time I can remember this happening was with Madonna’s Bedtime Stories last year, where it became quite pricey (£50-60) over summer, then a new batch hit stores for £17.99 mere months later. Of course with albums like Emotion, JoJo’s Mad Love, Marina (smaller pop girls) the labels might not think re-pressing them is something that needs to be done, and indeed may even deliberately hold off to drive up demand for a limited colour reissue a couple of years down the line. I sold my Emotion for £10 the other month after I preordered the pink vinyl and I’m now regretting it, so I hope for everyone’s sake they re-press the black vinyl!
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  11. It's in the kitchen eating a biscuit.
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  12. Is it eating your Hard Candy candy
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  13. woof
  14. So who’s importing Joanne uglies
  15. Bedtime Stories is sold out again.

    Also these Marina reissues were released a few years ago so they’ve been around for a while, I’m guessing with Froot becoming out of print fans panicked and snapped up what was left from the Family Jewels and Electra Heart pressing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how getting more batches pressed will get prioritised against new releases with the limited pressing plants and the backlog of orders.
  16. RJF


    Not you, HATER.
  17. Given that The Fame/TFM boxset, ARTPOP and Born This Way are still available, let me wait until they re-release Femme Fatale to use my coupon and also get free shipping

    Also, I bought Electra Heart for like $18 last summer and now there's a single copy up for $85. I won
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  18. sis those coloured represses were available on her UK store for months.
  19. [​IMG]

    Usual rules apply, these aren’t going anywhere so I’m not gonna rush to open and close the shop.
  20. I really hope Femme Fatale comes next, I stupidly missed out on that one and now the prices are ridiculous, surely that one will be next since they’ve done everything prior.
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