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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I mean it would possible skyrocket the shopping costs for me seeing that I live in another country.
    Ok now I am worried.
  2. The ones on her US store/uDiscover US/The Sound Of Vinyl US/Urban Legends US are US pressings, which have been manufactured/exist already.

    I’m willing to bet that in the UK, The Sound Of Vinyl sent for E=MC2 and Memoirs to be manufactured in Europe separately (when they first went up they had double the stock of the other 2), but decided to import the US stock for Charmbracelet & Elusive Chanteuse, which hasn’t arrived in time in the UK.

    Her UK store now has all 4 available to order/pre-order if people had missed out on the sold out ones.
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  3. Sorry! This was with her UK store, they ended up saying they’d gotten damaged? But I’m sure it was a stock issue...Emancipation came out and didn’t despatch then Merry Christmas did and still nothing.

    I have ordered the new ones through Sound of Vinyl so I’m concerned but not too worried.
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  4. I think they should ship the ones they have in stock already even if some people picked the "one shipping" method. They are acting out of their contract since release dates were provided to the customer and definitely not accomplished. In resume, it is their fault and they should amend the delay.
  5. Unbelievably, this has just arrived! Only ordered it yesterday morning!

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  6. Yumi Zouma are getting their EP series reissued, 10" coloured vinyl. Rough Trade have exclusive versions for each (tricolour or splatter) supposedly ltd to 100 each.

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  7. I had no idea what a Yumi Zouma is but I'm playing the above EP and it's gorgeous, thanks again dad @HeartSwells
  8. Honestly they've been good in the past for significant delays in my experience (e.g. sending out standard copies of Halsey's Manic while waiting for signed sleeves). I don't expect any record store to offer this kind of service though, even for someone as big as Universal. It increases expectations for future purchases and puts them in a difficult situation when the delay is with a non-Universal record (they still sell plenty of independent labels), and that's not even mentioning the extra cost for international deliveries.
  9. Maxwell - blackSUMMERS'night 2LP for £3.94 with free UK shipping.
  10. Omg YAS thank you
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  11. Its £1.75 now on Juno.
  12. Yeah, I've seen it go down even more, but Juno charges 3.94 for postage to the UK alone.
  13. I've been listening to their releases on Spotify and loving it, one more thank you from me @HeartSwells
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  14. Yeah just checked their Truth or Consequences album, so chilled and remind me of The XX.

    You can get their EPs pre ordered off their website as well as their albums on vinyl, which seem to be sold out elsewhere.
  15. @AceReject's impact
  16. Since I don't see Gaga's team properly pressing Chromatica with a jacket until 2025.... I decided to design a gatefold package for it and am going to get it printed.

    Inside gate:
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  17. I still can't believe herself and her team approved that vinyl release. She really said these f*ggots will buy anything, huh.. and she was right! I believe it was a best-seller in the UK at least. Tragic.
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  18. I’ve just unexpectedly received an email that Charmbracelet, E=MC2, Memoirs and Me. I am Mariah have shipped and are arriving tomorrow. I’ve ordered from a local dutch store, so quite suprised. Exciting!
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  19. The way the black European pressings for Charmbracelet & Elusive Chanteuse makes me think my theory is correct - that TSOV are importing 200 of the colour pressings for those 2 from the US but doing European pressings for the other 2 (more popular) albums.
  20. I will fume if Chromatica becomes a UO exclusive in a few years time
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