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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Thanks frugal king!
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  2. My color copies of the Mariah Carey Island/Def Jam albums arrived at my parent's house and my mom texted me to tell me she opened the box, checked for split seams/bent corners, and told me they'd be waiting for me when I could safely visit them again
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  3. I bought the new Slayyyter vinyl because I have remorse over not buying the last one...will I ever have Touch My Body on wax? Hopefully one day.
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  4. hoping for a UK press of Lindsay's A Little More Personal... WITH the original hype sticker with her name and album title on it. Cause that one from UO give me anxiety
  5. Just got an email to say the new Fickle Friends EP will be on black vinyl instead of white, but they'll be providing a £5 discount because of it.
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  6. Bedtime Stories (180g black) is currently $18 on eBay brand new if anyone's missing it in their collection & wants a bit of a bargain. Just bought a copy myself!
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  7. Had this in my cart for quite a while always thinking next time. Was like 17 Euro or even one less. Now it's all gone. It really is the time to buy what you really want because it really does get more popular. Especially those pop releases. I know six Berlin. pop gays who got their first vinyl players last Christmas.
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  8. A red vinyl would have sufficed though. I don't like these 'splatter' designs. I have no cash sadly but hopefully there's a UK release of this at some stage.
  9. This is so lovely. Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.
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  10. Hello there,

    I know this is the vinyljustice thread, but since my friends here know everything about storing records, I'd like to hear what kind of ikea furniture would be perfect to store cds.

    Thank you.
  11. IKEA Gnedby is perfect and can store 180 albums - and you can add horizontally as you need, but it takes up very little floor space! I've just filled my 7th and have no idea what to do now as there's no space left to add an 8th
  12. Guess we know the answer. Move.
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  13. Me and you both. I think if someone DM'ed her she'd probably reply regarding a repress.
  14. She’s on Fader now right? Wonder if they’d get the rights to the mixtape and re-issue it. She mentioned wanting to put out a standard vinyl first and then a deluxe, so that would be a good opportunity at some point.
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  15. Just paid £80 for Burlesque pink vinyl. Have I been robbed or is that what it normally goes for?
  16. Thank you, beauty!
  17. I use the Billy
    Depends on your collection size You can add more shelves to it and it also comes in half the width of the one I linked.
  18. Discogs says that's about it yes.

    Googles gives me these, cheaper:

    Also these are cheap but in the US
  19. I also have several of these and they're really great. Compared to Billy, I love that this one is tall and skinny and each shelf is specifically designed to accomodate exactly 15 CDs, which means it's virtually impossible to apply too much pressure between them, therefore minimising scratching – if this is a concern of yours at all. For some reason I dread the idea of a long tight line of jewel cases pressed together, or vinyl sleeves for that matter!
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  20. I caved and bought the Janet's Number Ones vinyl because I've got no self control when it comes vinyl and FOMO. As tragic as that track list is, the thought of missing out was too much! Now watch it get a wider pressing release for half the price with a better track list.
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