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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. This is amazing! Congratulations and thank you so much for your amazing work. I really need this! If anyone gets to organize an international group buy please, count me in!
  2. Looks absolutely stunning and a great one to start with! I look forward to what else is in store.
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  3. This is just (trip the light) fantastic.

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  4. I’ve just realised that we could potentially now be getting Trip The Light... on vinyl.

  5. I know Trip is probably more wanted but I’d hate to see Shoot From The Hip overlooked - that artwork was made for an LP!
  6. Hopefully those masters get found so we can get Shoot from the hip!
  7. That's amazing! Congratulations @Dark Ballet and many thanks for your hard work so we will be able to enjoy this one on our turntables in the summer. Pre-ordered!
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  8. I’ve ordered my Read My Lips vinyl! I’m so excited to see what’s to come @Dark Ballet!
  9. Ordered this! Cannot wait to experience the epic "Move This Mountain" on vinyl, congratulations @Dark Ballet I have dreamed of someone doing something like this for years! Sophie must be happy too, I remember her saying she always wanted to put her albums out on vinyl, but her label didn't see it fit. Glad we're righting that wrong now!
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  10. I’d want to order one but I’m in the US. Damn!
  11. Who is helping me get one please
  12. Ordered this in a heartbeat.

    The Vinyl Wish List form says the maximum number of responses have been received, if you were unaware. I want to throw my support behind all my various faves on there.
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  13. Same here (from Portugal). I HATE Brexit.
  14. I would 1000% get this alas no US shipping and a forwarding service would cost more than the album itself
  15. Theres a “request a vinyl” option in the menu of our store if you wish to submit one.
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  16. Will the label's website be the only place where we can buy it from? Will it be on Amazon or any other stores that ship internationally? (Sorry if this was answered already, I read the two last pages and didn't find any info on this).
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    My WIMPIII coloured vinyl came today just in time for my rate xxx
  18. Arghhhhh I want Read My Lips so badly. I’d be interested in a group buy!
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  19. @Dark Ballet An unsolicited tip from someone who has worked with UMG, Sony and WMG/Rhino on reissue campaigns for my label and others: you might want to double-check with your inside sales rep regarding the "No sales outside the UK" rule. I say that because, at least with deals I've worked out in America, the terms are specific for distribution, i.e. you can't sell 100 copies to an Australian distributor, but one-off D2C sales to someone in Australia would be fine. (Again, unsolicited advice, sorry, etc.)
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  20. Cheers for that but i did seek extra clarification about this just to make sure...
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