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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Scream I peeped the Rough Trade UK listing - looks like that's the standard price. Yeah £49.99 is just pushing it.
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  2. Also can Jamie Woon's money run out already, I need Mirrorwriting x
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  3. Isn’t this, like, illegal nn
  4. It's legal if a) it's a pricing error due to a glitch, and b) it's obviously some kind of mistake, according to the numerous Google searches I've done over the last hour.
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  5. Yas Pinkie QC is on the case
  6. Ms Welch said you'd better add a zero to that five before you get any box set from me, cigs.
  7. My £45 box set is sitting LAVLY girl
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  8. Yet they were fine with selling Palo Santo for £6 dddd
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  9. Anybody needs more Cardi vinyls?

    There are 8 variants now.
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  10. Cringe.
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  11. VMP is raising their subscription prices just as I joined, kill me.
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  12. Wait, just for the add-ons, wasn't it?

    STILL WORTH IT (he tells himself).
  13. The real cringe is that they aren’t even bothered to tell you if it’s 7 or 12 inch.
  14. I wish I liked her music other than the first two albums. You'd think I would, right?
  15. Wait did they also raise international subscriptions
  16. Just buy them or not but the trend of putting out really, really pointless singles is still brand new and not even putting which size the vinyl is is kind of a first no?

    So thanks for informing me on me being critical about it a few times recently but it doesn’t change that it’s a shit show.
  17. The singles craze is going to end with the new Billboard rules, right? Or was that just for album bundles
  18. Their Twitter replies and the subreddit are dragging them to filth. Long term subscribers are even pulling out so I can't see this going too well for VMP.
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  19. Singles barely surviving 90s labels killing them off to profit from albums only to come back as the industry's saviours... stan.
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