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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I hope there is a vinyl with the girls on the cover and that they maybe release their previous albums on vinyl.
  2. Guys, all your collections and storings are breathtaking. I can’t really post mine as I’m still sorting out my new flat but y’all are giving me influencers’ ~inspiration!
  3. yes it is. From her Saint Laurent campaign.
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  4. My tiny collection. I clearly need to step my pussy up by the look of some of yours!

    Vinyl1.jpg Vinyl2.jpg
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  5. All these pictures of peoples collections is like porn to me! So many good ideas!
  6. [​IMG]
    My lil collection - only started collecting a few months back. My main concern is the amount of light the records are being exposed to. Is this something I should be worried about?
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  7. I’m obsessed with this, where are those boxes from?
  8. Bionic came back, so those are now secure (long as nothing gets cancelled).
    I had a few more Born This Way that were meant to be shipped this week but they've just cancelled the order and they're now out of stock. I reckon it'll be a title they'll keep in stock in the future but if I haven't already sent you a shipment email then I might have to refund for now.
  9. So depending on the size, I actually kept the plastic my outer sleeves came in, it’s similar material but is big enough to fit the likes of the Abba Boxset or I have one on my Miranda Lambert - The Weight Of These Wings, cause it’s just too thick to fit in a regular sleeve. But I don’t think you could get anything for something as big as the Rihanna Boxset.
    Just keep them out of direct sunlight so they don’t warp.
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  10. Thanks! They are from here

    They are lovely but a bit of a pain when full because of the way the door opens/closes. I need a few more so I can space things out a little.
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  11. My set-up's more basic because I live in a small flat, but I still love it. Replaced my old white Kallax unit with a larger black one, with plenty of space left for future records. I inherited the record player I have, so replacing it isn't high on my priorities right now. Fuck knows why I'm hanging on to the CDs, I don't play them, but the rack adds shape and colour to the room. 7"s live in the row of grey boxes, 10"s and 12"s live in the coloured DJ boxes under the white desk. 20210228_100900.jpg 20210228_100809.jpg 20210228_100722.jpg 20210228_100707.jpg
  12. Don’t think it’s been posted but apparently the UO Green exclusive of Up All Night has all the bonus tracks on it?!


    I wasn’t planning on ordering but now I am.
  13. My vinyl setup is one 'Billy' book shelf from IKEA and is starting to fill up. My partner's own collection takes up two shelves but he has stopped collecting.


    and my Britney shelf...

  14. Is that Bowie mat from the New Town New Career box set? I haven’t opened mine yet but it looks pretty cool.
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  15. I missed it again damn.
  16. Direct sunlight can cause warping, and most likely bleaching of the sleeve colors.
  17. turn out they only ship to Germany & Austria! HMM hope it'll show up at other store too
  18. Lucy Said on a Live yesterday there is a real Cover. And it comes out next week or so. Let’s just hope they are also using it for the Vinyl.
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