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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Hmmm Gaga, Roisin, Shygirl, Tatu, Ari...

    Can't wait to be broke!
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Anyone know what the TBC Chemical Brothers could be??

  3. a picture disc.............
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  4. Record companies stop putting out picture discs challenge
  5. Chromatica and Ari are the only ones I really want! That Gasoline 7” would be cute too I guess. Just bought The Open Door a couple weeks back, so I’ll pass on the repress.
  6. I’m here for T.a.t.u, Roisin, Republica, Chic, The Cranberries and Amy Winehouse (just for the MJ Cole remix of Fuck Me Pumps).

    I’m pretty happy with the above but it does always baffle me how much stuff is released that literally no one is asking for but so many releases that would sell out are there crying out for a repress.
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  7. Definitely getting:

    The Cure - Wild Mood Swings (YAY!!)
    The Cranberries - Stars
    Donna Summer - Bad Girl
    T.A.T.u. - 200kmph (Bigger YAY!!)
    Garbage Deluxe

    I spent hours last week trying to track down Evanescence - The Open Door as it’s sold out everywhere, so for that, I just can’t be excited about this RSD edition.
    Chromatica - I’ve got the black pressing ordered, but should probably get the yellow one for my Gaga coloured vinyl collection, but it’ll probably be £50.
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  8. t.A.T.u. and the cute Little Mix vinyl are the two I'll really be hunting for, but I'm again a bit whelmed by the list. Shocked there is no David Bowie on it!
  9. Not this being the way you got a folklore variant nn
  10. There’s no Bowie because they just finished with the Brilliant Adventures box set, and also a deluxe anniversary edition of The Man Who Sold The World is coming next month. So there’s already too much stuff out at the moment.
  11. True. But I honestly thought because they have the 90's box planned for later this year, we'd get some early editions from that?
  12. Yep it’s coming but I doubt we’ll get something from it before.
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  13. Damn, the decision to release it as a picture disc is bad enough but if you really have to, at least choose an interesting picture to put on it!!
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  14. Really. Not. Surprised.

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  15. I am just going to try and get the Tatu - 200 km/h In the Wrong Lane for sure. The Matrix OST and Linkin Park - Meteora ones could be possibilities.

    There is also a Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend there with a bonus 7 inch.
  16. I honestly can’t wait to spin Malchik Gay on vinyl.

  17. This was the one I wanted, glad I didn't order it then.
  18. Republica and Tatu stand out for me.
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  19. I just don’t understand how since it’s inception there has never been even ONE Janet release.

    A true Pop Injustice!
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  20. I’d say that’s down to how the major labels treat RSD - giving us things we didn’t know we wanted or needed, but creating releases that we feel we need to get because they’re RSD limited editions - which we probably wouldn’t rush to purchase if they were standard releases.

    There have been a few true gems over the years but I feel like they would’ve been reissued by the labels regardless of the day existing or not.
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