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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Ugh so Confetti RSD isn't available in the US?
  2. Yeah I'll definitely need to scam my way into acquiring one – wonder if there's any chance it'll feature re-recorded trio versions?
  3. This is my list for Record Store Day. I don't need to buy them all (I never do) but some would be nice.

    Ash - BBC Radio Sessions
    Belly - Bees
    Chapterhouse - Rownderbout
    Doctor Who - Dalek Terror
    Elastica - Singles
    Fàshiön - Pröduct Perfect
    Garbage - No Gods No Masters
    Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now
    Mansun - Closed For Business
    Republica - Republica
    The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me
    Warpaint - The Fool. Andrew Weatherall Sessions
    Wipers - Youth Of America

    The rest I can buy afterwards.
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  4. Only going to be looking for Little Mix it looks like.

    Have never done the whole queuing outside the shop. I've got to travel about 25 miles I think but it'll hopefully be a good day out!
  5. Lady Gaga
    Ani DiFranco
    MAYBE Ariana
    MAYBE Garbage (if it's just a single pink LP I'll pass)

    ...and then I'mma need one of you to help me procure Roisin from the UK...
  6. Are Donna Summer and Blondie US exclusives?

    If so what a shame.
  7. Unlikely, other than the new mix of Confetti.

    I don't think it will be hard to acquire (if a bit pricey for international shipping). Their fanbase doesn't really do vinyl.
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  8. Not the only release I'm interested in (Björk) not having a mock-up / cover art yet.
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  9. I was just looking up Republica stuff the other day so definitely going to try for that one and Gaga.
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  10. Need:
    Meshell Ndegeocello, Roisin, Poly Syrene, Sinead O’Connor.
    Republica, Warpaint.
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  11. Ari, t.A.T.u and Shygirl? Maybe us gays kinda won after all!
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  12. I’m hoping the Ash BBC Sessions has the acoustic set they did for Peel around the time of ‘Nu Clear Sounds’ with a nice version of Michael Head and the Strands’ “Something Like You”. I have it on a warbly old tape but an upgrade would be good.

    Edit: found the tracklisting, two songs from the acoustic Peel session are included.

    The Dirty Three expanded ‘Ocean Songs’ looks interesting.
  13. Hm! Immediately Remixes, Tasty/Siren remixes, Crooked Machine, k bye for now, and SEPT 5TH. More than last year! The dvsn album getting repressed is kinda random but I'll take it.
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  14. Obnoxious that it's a picture disc but this is a must have for me. One of my favorite albums.
  15. I'm relieved there's nothing I need this year. A Britney release would've been nice, but the way Urban's milked her discography dry the past couple years, I'm more than satisfied with what we have now.

    I'll probably try and get Gaga and Amy Winehouse, but if I miss them I won't be upset.
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  16. I recreated the Amy Remixes playlist on Fry and it kinda slaps? I may have to get it.

    Thanks Lizzie @Laurence
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    "Comes with a blindfold".

    (I mean: same.)

    Jenny Wilson's a genius, but I think I need to hear some of the music first.
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  18. And for £28.99! Miss Guðmundsdóttir enjoys capitalising your funds!

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  19. Yelle's 'Safari Disco Club' is only £12.99, I believe its the yellow pressing too.

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  20. Instantly sneaked into your profile to give it a listen. Coming off your still amazing BOPATICA playlist. The taste.
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