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Vinyljustice 2.0

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I was waiting for this!

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  2. Amazing, thanks very much! I leapt on this.
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  3. My Sophie - BIPP 12" from Boomkat has been dispatched.
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  5. Is that Bandcamp thing where artists get more money every Friday?
  6. Not as ugly as the mock-up.
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  7. But close!
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  8. I actually quite like the spring green, I cancelled my HMV and ordered it earlier in the week hoping it would be better than the mock-up.

    Out of coke bottle, glow in the dark, clear and this I feel like it’s the best of a bad bunch.
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  9. First Friday of the month, so next one is a few weeks away.
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  10. The spring green would fit a colorized cover better, but coke bottle fits the current cover the best.
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  11. The whole thing is just so muted.
  12. My latest purchases.

    Chromatics - Just Like You EP
    Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes EP.

    Italians Do It Better just do everything around their vinyl releases so right don't they. I've never ever had a problem and fall in love with their records even more once I open and see the stunning beauty.

    1617897515471.jpg 1617897445393.jpg
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  13. I love IDIB, and would buy more from them, but their shipping is always killer.

    *hugs pink coloured Desire vinyl*
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  14. Italians Do It Better would be a much better label if they actually released Dear Tommy x
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  15. I thought I'd cancelled my Ariana Store one so I could get it off of Sound of Vinyl but no, I have two of these coming now. Anyone need one?
  16. I thought this was ready to go a year ago, I’m guessing it was put on hold due to Covid.
  17. First 4 Joni Mitchell albums being remastered and released as a vinyl box set...

    I guess this archives project isn’t just gonna cover unreleased stuff and her whole catalogue is getting remastered?
  18. Years & Years Palo Santo is only £13 on Amazon UK. I’ve been waiting for it to drop in price for a while and reckon this is the cheapest it’ll go!
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  19. Funnily enough I found these on Juno but you're right, most things I want I talk myself out of because of shipping. That and I'm never fast enough to actually snatch copies when they do drop, like recently.
  20. Seeing people hold their vinyl like this gives me shingles, I absolutely despair.

    I said I wouldn’t buy any more vinyl (I have 11 records yet to arrive) but I slipped and fell on HMV’s website and accidentally bought Doja’s Hot Pink, Charlie Puth’s Voicenotes and Mariah’s Daydream.
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