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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    Standard edition without the deluxe tracks, Chemicals React etc. UO exclusive.
  2. Not to gloss over this because it’s a great album also, but holy shit am I excited for Insomniatic on vinyl now!
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  3. My first thought too!
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  4. My CTRL and Future Nostalgia vinyls from Urban Outfitters arrived yesterday and I'm so happy. It was a work miracle that I ended up with today off and I'm spinning them all day to celebrate the holiday. That being said, after never having one of the label issues that were being discussed a few pages ago, one side of Ctrl's label was printed off center just enough to be noticeable. The sound is great though and I'm super happy to have one of my favorite albums ever in such a pretty color.
  5. A happy accident happened to me today! Last week, I ordered a signed copy of AJ Tracey's (probably not a PJ favorite) new album on his official store. I bought the single LP version because it was the cheapest and I wasn't sure of how good the album was going to be. It arrived today and I was initially a little bit disappointed because the sleeve got slightly damaged in the mail. But when I opened it, I realized that they had made a mistake and sent me the (more expensive) limited 2 orange LPs version. So I am really happy right now because this version looks really nice and I cannot even begin to imagine how those 16 tracks stacked on one vinyl might sound like!


  6. Kylie’s own team doing the reissues themselves will be great as it probably means Tony Hung will be on board, meaning the artwork and packaging choices will be beautifully crafted, true to the original eras but consistent with each other. Thinking about the artwork of the 2003 Impossible Princess CD reissue makes me shudder, so I’d much rather wait to have them done properly.

    It would also be a dream to have the Impossible Princess lenticular 3D cover vinyl sized, and if that’s happening with anyone it would be her own team/Tony because he really appreciates the physical product, but I think that’s a wish too much at the moment!
  7. What was the problem with the 2003 reissue? I only have the original one because it came with the 3D lenticular and I've never seen the 2003 version anywhere.
  8. My Glory 2020 finally came, found really cheap a month ago and it's BEAUTIFULLL, honestly the most beautiful vinyl in my collection, can't stop looking at the back cover
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  9. OH MY GOD
  10. Chemicals React is a MUST, but I’m so happy they’re getting their albums pressed.
  11. Since I can’t even be bothered to try other threads anymore - is it me or is the forum slower than Rihanna’s music career nowadays?
  12. Not just you, no matter if I’m on WiFi or 5G/LTE, it takes a full minute before it’ll load a thread/page I’ve clicked on.
  13. Good. Or not.
  14. And now seems to be really fast again, so strange...
  15. Girls, regarding my damaged Liberation record, Merchbar answered they want a "photo of the packing slip attached to the package". Do they mean a picture of the packaging or the insert?
  16. It's only fast in the mornings, when US wakes up it will degrade and then when it's at peak hours, it will be snails pace again.
    Might be that there's a threshold/quota that runs out during the day, or too many visitors & members at the same time.
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  17. It'll mean the paperwork that they included inside the parcel with the record - probably to get your order number, etc.
  18. Don't get too excited. We've been waiting since 'Metamorphosis' in 2019 and still no 'Dignity'.
  19. Very, very blurry. Like the scan of a scan.
  20. Really blown away by the Eve reissue - the vinyl is gorgeous and heavyweight, they’ve put photos online of her signing the sleeves, the sleeve itself is signed instead of an art print and they’ve done a lovely raised gloss part for the logo on the cover!
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