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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Spotify Custard
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  2. Blue + 1 bonus track & voice memo (Target exclusive)
    Gold/Slightly different off-white? (Spotify exclusive via a private link on her webstores).

    1921 series is just the name for some of HMV's exclusive vinyl range. Also includes an OBI strip.
  3. I think Walmart’s is the same as the HMV version.
  4. Just be glad you've got one. I've been waiting since January!
  5. My copy of Dua Lipa - Complete Collection arrived... for regular pricing from a unknown vinylshop webstore. I feel like I should not be this lucky, but we got the current events going sooo... It'll play just fine I hope
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  6. Spare link, ma'am?
  7. It's sold out, sorry.
  8. My glow in the dark Arca arrived

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  9. Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if Vinyl Me Please J Lo are likely to be restocking the Jennifer Lopez vinyls
  10. Ooh this is fun. I got a dispatch email over a week ago so hopefully it's not much longer.
  11. It’s one of the only glow in the dark items I own since I was a kid, so I sat there for 45 minutes wondering why it wasn’t doing anything when I first took it out of the sleeve before I realized you have to “charge” it under a bright light nn
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  12. Not sure how reliable that is, but a store told me it’s being re-issued but cause of corona they don’t know yet when that will be.
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  13. I doubt it, but they may end up with leftover copies in the future, can't see them being in a rush to repress them.
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  14. aux


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  16. A Year Without Rain is back in stock, but has been pushed back to October. I wonder what's going on with that release.
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  18. I almost bought it, was as far as paying but then decided I just don't need it. I decided against the Britney vinyl that I really really want for financial reasons recently so the last thing I need right now is four remix vinyls I will never play anyway and that aren't even nicely packed.

    Look at me all reasonable and serious and sad.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I still bought the bundle despite having another set on the way. Guess I’ll be selling those, assuming they don’t come to me in shreds. I don’t exactly trust the trip they’ll be making overseas.
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