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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Came to my mum and dads house today for a visit and forgot I ordered Poster Girl, Wake Me Up picture disc and Real Groove 7”. Today is a good day.
  2. I once ordered a record from Juno late on a Friday afternoon and had it on the Saturday, somehow.
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  3. Imagine how all-round iconic Juno would be if it wasn't serving that 2007 web design though?
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  4. I fully believe that’s part of it though, they’re like fuck it we can get these records to people quick and not pay for a better website cause it works well enougy
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  5. Juno's a babe
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  6. These arrived for me today.

    ionnalee/iamamiwhoami - konsert
    John Talabot - Fin


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  8. Jessie! there's still time to make it. (plz)

  9. Just blame my promo I guess! The popularity.
    I'm so sorry, this sucks so much.
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  10. Agreed anything under £20 seems cheap now!
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  11. I got Royal Blood's album for 18.99 last week. Also one of my best purchases this year. Nice when that happens.
  12. It will be funny to see the price drops when Billie's 25 varients don't shift. Surely the average vinyl consumer won't be willing to drop £40 on one album?
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  13. I worry they will thanks to younger fans who aren't as regular buyers of vinyl (and so have no awareness of how overpriced that is).
  14. Jamelia popped up on a song shuffle and I’d really like her albums on vinyl.
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  15. Her debut is available really cheap. The other two will be ones for Plastic Pop down the line hopefully!
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  16. Randomly scrolling eBay listings and came across this. What is this angle and why am I crying.

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  17. Megamind <3
  18. That reminds me of browsing the graphic designer who did that cover's website and seeing an image with a stack of formats perfectly positioned and cropped so the only text you could see on the cover was 'PERV'
  19. They can't be bothered. I made a post to this effect a long time ago, on the 1.0 thread, after contacting them.

    Also, oh no I missed the Rina Sawayama deluxe! Can I snatch a last copy anywhere please?

    PS. @HeartSwells' post gave me a kick up the proverbial. I sent my Secret Santa (I KNOW) parcel a few days ago. We went from the boyf having an operation in late Nov, to me caring for him on Dec, straight into me being in hospital for weeks with Covid in Jan/Feb, I was a bit of a mess when I got home from that, and recovery has been steady but slow, and after that/now straight into my already shot finances are dealing with fighting a threat of repossession. I don't need any pity or whatever, but just getting out to do things has been hard, both physically and emotionally. Heartswells was lovely and suggested some courier collection services, but bluntly, I can't afford that right now. As a thank you for the ridiculous wait I've thrown in a couple of extra records. IIRC one is a UO pressing, so there's that to look forward to. I packaged the stuff up a while back so I don't remember what's in there, it's going to be a surprise for all of us!
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  20. The way I was listening to Thank You all last week
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