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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Manifesting a One Touch release from whatever the Sugababes have planned for this year
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  2. Walmart had 1 copy of 2LP deluxe "Rebel Heart" pop up today for $35.98, brand new. Snatched it so fast. I do love that album, as messy as it is.
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  3. I wish Jesse McCartney would put out a singles collection/greatest hits of some kind. He was my first male pop star crush as a little boy but I don’t think I can justify the price of his album just to only listen to Beautiful Soul ddd.
  4. Just play it on Youtube.
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  5. I’m not getting it off Walmart but the Empire of Sun’s album is pretty faggy friendly I think.
  6. I ordered Michelle Williams’ Unexpected because I love some songs on it and I am just rooting for me. I also ordered her book although I know it will not be for me really. But it will make me want to support her even more still I just know. So better having it than needing it.
  7. With Jesse McCartney and Cheetah Girls popping up on Walmart, do we think they may have sniped the Hollwood Records/Disney releases from Urban? If so, shit for us european Hilary and Miley fans.
  8. Just saw they added Jesse McCartney’s debut album on white vinyl. Don’t mind if I do!
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  9. This’ll be overstock that they didn’t couldn’t sell, I wouldn’t worry about it!
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  10. Do people really play a Jesse McCartney album?
  11. Do people really play a Cheetah Girls, Josie & The Pussycats, High School Musical, Camp Rock album? These nostalgic releases seem to do well.
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  12. Yes! And they’re honestly taking the piss with not releasing 2 & 3.
  13. You know you don't have to buy ALL the CDs you loved as a kid on vinyl.
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  14. Okay but Pop Princesses on wax would be iconic.
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  15. Only with laser disc of the DVD
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  16. Ok but one of these is NOT like the others in that it is actually a classic album filled to the brim with perfect music.

    And I’ll play the Cheetah Girls 2 and High School Musical 2 vinyls when those are finally released, but not the first ones, but that’s a separate point.
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  17. Let people enjoy things hoe!
  18. I kid I kid! But also looking at new albums I love having 2022 vinyl release dates while we get Lizzie McGuire and Camp Rock albums is kinda annoying dd.
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  20. I mean I agree but they’re just the ones we’re seeing posted on PopJustice... the real enemy is dad rock/Ed Sheeran/Gallagher solo boxsets clogging up the pressing plants!
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