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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Anyone who missed the Urban pressing of Pussycat Dolls - PCD, it's on Walmart.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. This is cruel, with their no international delivery.
  4. Of course they put up the Red variant of Girl Code and it’s sold out. Fuck!
  5. I have this custom pressed and can confirm it is iconíque in 12 x 12.
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  6. No idea babs I got it years ago haha.
  7. You can order from Walmart to the UK with shipping forward services like Stackry, no idea how much it would cost though.
  8. I’m dying for Kelela’s remix album to be pressed. This art deserves to be 12x12 and framed. upload_2021-5-14_12-33-39.jpeg
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  9. the LMK remix with Cupcakke etc.. so good.
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  10. Aren't the mixes loooong? Would totally snap in a Beyonce Homecoming 4LP edition.
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  11. YUPPPPP every remix bangs
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  12. It was up for less than 2 minutes, it was probably less than 10 copies
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  13. So excited with your releases. Don't pay attention to those Instagram trolls.
    I just want to let you know if you ever need any assistance/help in graphic designs with these releases I will gladly help.
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  14. Witness must’ve been the same situation. I checked out within a minute and got an out of stock error.
  15. My latest arrivals, had wanted them both for some time and after missing out on the last copy of The Donnas’ Gold Medal on Amazon UK, I couldn’t resist getting them.

  16. Could an Older repress FINALLY come true?
  17. Need this and Walk of Life.
  18. Not Czech re-opened stores today nonchalantly coming through once again.


    I’m shaking and screaming.
  19. I hope so. The copies on Discogs going for $600+ is evil.
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  20. What we want: Older vinyl
    What we will get: Jesus to a child candles
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