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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I haven’t seen this posted, but here is an incredibly comprehensive analysis of the current state of vinyl releases, including the delays from both Brexit and the pandemic. Most controversial of all is that the average retail price of a vinyl is just over £20 - but I guess this makes sense as for every £36 Billie Eilish vinyl there is a £14 Amy Winehouse, Nirvana or Fleetwood Mac vinyl available.
  2. You're doing such a service, those fuckers are so ungrateful.
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  3. Does anyone have experience with offloading large collections of CDs to collectors or second hand stores?

    I’ve got about 250 that I’d like to get rid of. Discogs says the MINIMUM value is around £350 for them all. I’d happily part with them for about £200.
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  4. CDJustice in Comeback Corner might be able to help.
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  5. Ah... a sub forum I don’t typically frequent nn

    lemme try our more elderly sisters
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I just moved house and am downsizing basically all of my 500 or so CDs. Let's see if NYC has a service...
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  8. Created my first ever custom vinyl, probably too niche to ever see a proper release - dumblonde ‘BIANCA’.

    Felt like a disco record was a safe bet for a first try, and I’m SO happy with how it’s turned out.

    To make it even more exciting, Aubrey has been messaging me saying she wants a copy and wants to help us design a custom vinyl for their debut, too!
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  9. Make a Scene remasters have arrived!

    Only on Revolution but am chuffed so far!
  10. Needed some self care today so bought the only record I've ever bothered to put on my want list. Snaps for me, snaps for all of us.

  11. Finally completed my set of these Gotham beauties after finding the Prince soundtrack for a decent price.

  12. My brand-new "Rebel Heart" was delivered today. Only $35 from Walmart. What a find.
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  13. Newbury have said they’re now shipping to the UK again.
  14. Good find on Rebel Heart! I can’t believe how much relatively recent Madonna LPs are going for these days. I really should’ve picked up Hard Candy and MDNA when they were were readily available.

    It’s taken the better part of a decade, but I’ve almost completed my Madonna singles collection. I’ve been trying to get at least 1 12” for every Madonna single/maxi/promo released on the format. I haven’t gone down the picture disc route (sorry Girl Gone Wild), so right now the only single I’m missing is Revolver 2x12”. I finally sourced Crazy For You 12” EU Maxi and the UK Fever 12” with the alternate cover. Not so easy to find in the US, especially with int’l shipping rates still spiking.

    I’m most proud to own Bye Bye Baby, Secret (The Remixes), You’ll See, and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Promo). I was shocked to find Give It 2 Me and Miles Away are rarities now, too? I picked up most of the American Life 2x12” with them for around $4-5 a piece back in 2013.

    Some of the collection so far...
    IMG_8475 copy.jpg
    IMG_8469 copy.jpg
  15. Just got my Confetti vinyl today, now just waiting on my Lemonade vinyl to ship. It's been on backorder forever through UO.
  16. Have you tried going into a UO or Barnes and Noble? I always see that there.
  17. If it doesn't ship on the 28th like it's supposed to, I probably will just pop in and grab it from somewhere else. The current expected shipping date is the 28th.
  18. Now if only Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine” could show up for a reasonable price.
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