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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Released today:
    k d lang - makeover
    Gay sleazebanger dance remixes 1992-2000
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  2. Or I return it sweetie
  3. Viola Beach - Viola Beach (Fuller Bean Records)
    Limited Edition Rainbow Picture Disc Vinyl LP

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  4. Popped in to a couple of my local record stores to ask about RSD... not looking good for me getting Gaga. *cry* It’s gonna be hard.
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  6. What in the Urban Outfitters archive
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  7. I’m at Barnes & Noble and they have evermore’s (made in France)…. contemplating if I should get one and see if it’s opaque
  8. Did UO 1D's 'Take Me Home' really sell out in like a day?
  9. Update: it's transparent although not as "clear" and bright as photos have shown...but still


    We'll see what my Walmart delivery has for me but not optimistic anymore
  10. Pink 180g 2LP half-mastered version of Tori Amos' Under The Pink available to pre-order!

  11. After three days of interesting exchanges with SG Lewis's customer service regarding where my order was, my Impact 12" was abruptly dispatched at 2am today and found on my doorstep when I got in from work.

    I love a success story!
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  13. Haven’t bought a vinyl in 3 weeks.. feeling the withdrawal symptoms right now x
  14. Tori Amos only charging £20 for a 2LP 180g vinyl... if only all stores were as reasonable.
  15. Oop, yep, preordered!!!
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  17. Such a shame this wasn’t the original vinyl. My clear vinyl in plastic sleeve is so shit. What were they thinking?
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  18. Has anyone been able to order from the EU store? It lets me pay via PayPal but afterwards doesn't recognise the order [the LP remains in the cart] and there's literally no way to contact them (tried emailing but it was 'undeliverable' and the contact form is not functioning). ?!?!
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