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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I've ordered it on there with PayPal (even though the LP remained in the basket afterwards) and the Tori store have sent me acknowledgement just now. So *touches wood* all should be fine.

    It's my favourite album of all time, so it was a no-brainer for me.
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  2. It charged my paypal, and took about a half hour for the store to confirm it just now.
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  3. I see. Nothing here yet... Seems strange how I can't find any contact information for this company.
  4. Pretty much. It did go back up the other day but said it wasn’t dispatching until august. Snagged a copy but they could cancel it yet....
  5. If you go onto PayPal a couple of email addresses are listed on the payment receipt.
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  6. Yes, I used those but the emails bounced back as 'undeliverable'.
  7. Good to Know by JoJo. I’d order from Amazon but it’s shipping from the US and I don’t feel like it’ll survive the shipping to the UK. Any help or should I just risk it?
  8. I have exactly the same problem - no confirmation e-mail and no order details. I found an e-mail in "Terms of service" section:
    [email protected] and wrote them.

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  9. I just went ahead and bought it.
  10. Thank you! I'll do that right away.
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  11. It’s showing as out of stock for me.
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  12. No shade but what were YOU thinking by buying it ddddd
  13. True! What a ridiculous store.
  14. I had this last year when buying Boys For Pele. I never received a confirmation email and waited a few months with it never arriving. There’s no contact information to get in contact with them and I thought it was incredibly dodgy.

    I tried sorting it with her US store but they were unable to help and I had to get a refund through PayPal. It’s a very strange website and I’ll never use it again.
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  15. I've used the number given in the PayPal billing plus the postal code and used them to search in "Recent orders" and there seems to be an update.

    SECOND UPDATE: Just got an confirmation e-mail. 2 hours after placing an order. Sigh...

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  16. You're right, it does come up for me too. Thank you for this!
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  17. I ordered it in January and got it in one piece around a week later. They did however ship it in a cardboard box with nothing inside it.
  18. Out of stock in both stores!
    Does anyone know if this is an official store exclusive?
  19. Barnes and Nobles in the US it appears. I’m kinda shocked it’s sold out? Maybe just an initial stock but I’d be surprised if they were gone permanently.
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  20. Throwing mine out the second I get my hands on this.
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