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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    Also, Jessie's in to sign hers.
    (I wish they'd used a gold Sharpie for that artwork)
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  3. This was the most fraught six minutes of my life
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  4. I wonder how many times she'll be writing the word beb today
  5. Received an email this morning confirming Fantasea vinyl is ready to dispatch.. about to ascend to Esta Noche like it’s 2012.
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  6. I asked for “To Stuart”.

    I’m a creative.
  7. Thanks for posting, I got my copy today in the mail!

    Also copped a Janet - Discipline as I'm pretty certain it'll sell out soon and will be a bitch to get a hold of. Sad to see it's not a gatefold but the artwork looks great in 12x12!
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  8. Made an appointment for Saturday to hopefully grab Chromatica! It’s £54 though compared to other retailers at like £42
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  9. The soho stores have chaotic stock lists this year nn

    phonica looks like it’s only sticking around 20 titles
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  11. Is anyone going out for RSD in the UK and not after the Little Mix variant? Would be happy to do some sort of swap or payment at face value.
  12. Oh thanks for that, Tori may be enough to break my “no more vinyls” this month pledge.
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  13. Thank you!
    I ordered it from Townsend TMStores as they do the best international packaging.
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  14. Why is this £12 more expensive than it was when I ordered it on her website?
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  15. I’ve been having a moment on the bus and would love Skin’s two solo albums on vinyl.

    @Dark Ballet do you have a submission form where we can beg for future releases?
  16. I was about to order something from Juno then suddenly noticed that the shipping cost, which is usually between €3 and €6, is now up to €8-€12 depending on the product. I have only been shopping on Juno for a few months now so I'm really new to it, but do their shipping fees vary often like that?
  17. They are adding Brexit tax now too.
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