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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    they d e l i e v e r e d
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  2. Basically it seems with RSD you can leave it a couple of months for the prices to come down on eBay, but don’t leave it a year because that’s when they tend to become rarer and sky rocket in price, this happened to Body Talk and is appears to be happening to Robyn’s self-titled album now.
    But then there’ll be some release with huge pressing numbers which just aren’t rare.
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  3. I’ve been doing RSD since 2010 and have only ever missed out on 2 vinyl out of the 38 I’ve wanted to get - 1 was a Kate Bush 10” and I got it on eBay for a reasonable price last month! The other was Bangerz and that was only ever stocked in the UK by Banquet (and I could’ve got but I said £45 for an album? No! at the time)

    A few of them I didn’t manage to get on the day, but given a few months the prices come right down - they usually get the pressing numbers right for the amount of buyers, it’s just that flippers buy a lot which eventually end up oversaturating the market and the prices come back down to around RRP.
  4. I sold my artwork-less Chromatica so ideally I'd get the new one but I'm fine with a black pressing. Is Amazon UK planning to stock that? Definitely not looking to chuck £50 for it.

    Jesus, £50 for a vinyl....
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Happy page 666 a day before we crumble for yet another RSD!!!1
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  6. Even if it does contain a booklet and ‘zine - £50 is a scam.

    I’m trying to be strong and pass on it out of principle… whether that happens, I’ll let you know in the morning.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  9. My local record store wants €80 for the RSD Tomb Raider soundtrack.
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  10. Just got my mail that I can pick up Chromatica whenever I want during the next seven days. I love a good record store.
  11. What record stores are y'all going to? These sound lovely.
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  13. This is incredible!
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  14. My one here is in Berlin and around for I think 1552 years. Love them.
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  15. Just had a call from a record store & my want list has been bagged and is ready for collection tomorrow! Chromatica secured!
  16. Is it true there's only 750 Ariana for the UK?

  17. RSD newbie here. If I’m hitting the main Rough Trade East store tomorrow, how early do I really need to get there to avoid disappointment?
  18. Thankfully they have a black variant. And I’m even more grateful for the fact that Chromatica for me just happens to be that one album where the only vinyl color that looks “right” is black.
  19. The anxiety kicking in now. Hope everyone gets what they’re after.
  20. Yeah it’s on my list so hopefully they’ll keep a cop. I’ve still not heard anything and I did email them. I just don’t wanna travel all the way to the store tomorrow to be told they don’t have one.
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