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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. I popped in to the local record store and it was super busy which was great to see.

    Finally got Jamie xx In Colour (turned out to be green which I’m very happy about).
  2. Just snatched Lady Gaga & Linkin Park RSD from HMV Japan but t.A.T.u. is nowhere to be found :(
  3. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Got an Uber all the way out to Bury to queue at Wax & Beans, and 2hrs45mins ahead of opening, I'm already 50th in the queue.
    Fingers crossed for my buy list girls.
    *Garbage - No Gods, No Masters
    *Lady Gaga - Chromatica
    *Linkin Park - Meteora
    *Little Mix - Confetti
    *OST Don Davis - The Matrix
    *OST Harry Gregson-Williams - Shrek
    *Republica - Republica
    *Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Mexico City
    *Róisín Murphy - Crooked Machine
    *t.A.T.u. - 200 KM/H In the Wrong Lane
    *Tune-Yards - WHOKILL

    EDIT: 2-3 gays have joined the queue but they're about 25 people further back.
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  4. The thing I hated about Record Store Day queuing was you could always tell who the gays were but could never tell who was a flipper in front of you in the queue!

    This is my first year since 2010 I’ve not queued and it feels a bit stressful but also… oddly freeing? Watch me scratch that statement if I don’t get anything I want online tonight though nn
  5. Is everyone really that fussed about getting the yellow Chromatica? I was perfectly fine with the regular black.
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  6. Soooo anyone in the UK up for grabbing a Confetti for your US bestie?!
  7. Do the straights really queue outside on a Saturday morning for some records? Wild
  8. That’s literally what most of us are about to do?
  9. This record store has been selling the RSD releases since midnight and it lets u put up to 100 of 1 release into ur basket and actually pay for it like what the hell, ordered 1 Chromatica so hopefully they can atleast ship that. I kinda feel like whoever is in charge of their online shop messed up big time. They even still have RSD 2019 and 2020 releases up for sale. Everything about it seems fishy..
  10. With social distancing and quite a few couples in front of me, I’d say I’m 30th in the queue? It’s mostly middle-aged men who - by definition last time - bought all the Maiden and ska… they certainly didn’t buy Britney when I was about 8th in the queue anyway!

    @mattw67 I’ll grab you a Little Mix if they’ve not all gone.
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  11. I always assumed the 40 something bald guy with the black puffer jacket holding up the queue ordering 20 vinyl was the scalper.
  12. Rough Trade Easts line snakes double. I did not expect this?

    I really am only here for Ari, chances shes releases this later anyway and I go back to bed?
  13. Got Chromatica and Ari off VPReggae. Now I just have to hope they don’t cancel the orders since their site put them up early.
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  14. Secured Chromatica and Confetti in Glasgow. Soooo happy!
  15. Ladies, I am boiling.

    Had been in contact with a record store for 2 months and just two days ago he said there was one Chromatica reserved for me in his store.

    I was there just when the shop was supposed to open but the guy there couldn‘t find it. He said he sold one already cause it had no notice. I showed him he the email that said one was reserved for me. He was like sorry and bye.

    I insisited on him calling the other store that they have. They told him where they put mine with a notice but he couldn‘t find it. He said could you come later? I said no, I came extra here and got up early on Saturday.

    In the end I asked him to put it aside if he finds it and I will come next week sometime.

    I was sorry to be such a Karen about it but it really annoyed me. The store had 2 customers so they would have needed that extra cash. Hopefully it works out in the end. I still emailed the boss to ask what‘s up ddd.

    To make things worse I leave the store and wait for my tram. Low and behold there was a cig (no really with a cig in his mouth) with a damn Chromatica tshirt! I know damn well he is the guy he sold it to ddd.

    So in short: Everything is a mess but there is a little bit of hope left.
  16. Snatched HAIM, Gaga and Little Mix. This is the first year I’ve ever gotten everything I wanted in-store.
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  17. Was it cancelled? I never saw it on discogs and always thought it's weird, because it was at every store here last year. Is it rare or hard to find?
  18. I got Chromatica!!! And my record store ordered in Shygirl for me even though it wasn’t one they were going to get, I’m so happy.
  19. Yes, only 10 people said they owned it on Discogs. Your country might not have gotten the memo probably.
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  20. Assai had, as of 8.30, at least 3 copies of k bye for now, 2 copies of 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, 2 copies of Chromatica, 4 copies of Gasoline, 3 copies of Confetti and at least 2 copies of the Alias remix EP.

    There was no queue.
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