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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Chromatica is utterly beautiful.
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  2. Not me being warned that chromatica is going fast

    where were the little monsters in 2020 when we needed them
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  3. Secured Confetti and Chromatica!
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  4. I can’t believe there are already Chromaticas on eBay for £400. People need to calm the fuck down.

    As is the same every single year, it’s very likely there’ll be plenty online later.
  5. Sooo... I am a weekend away and my mum checked the local stores for Chromatica RSD but it was gone. Does anyone have tips to help me (Dutchie) get one?
  6. I got the last Shygirl, thank God. Got Roisin too. Will get TATU online later.
  7. Someone on eBay saying there's only 800 copies? Is it crack
  8. Getting anxious I won’t get Chromatica now. I know it’s probably the typical RSD hype because there’s no way there’s just 800 copies.
  9. It happens every year where people get in such a panic and tizzy that they’ll spend loads of money on them without even checking.

    I’ve never gone in store (to avoid the queues and panicked gays) and always pick up what I’m after at 6pm. As said before, a lot of the time there’ll still be copies available days or weeks later when it all dies down.
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  10. It's sad to see so many listings for the yellow Chromatica, it just shows you how many people went to RSD with the intention of selling these.
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  11. @mattw67 Little Mix was sold out, sorry! I got the last Gaga and Tatu. Phew.
  12. Do people really pay those ridiculous amounts on eBay and Discogs? With that amount of money, you might have paid someone to queue up to buy it for you!
  13. They’re obviously aiming for guys with disposable income in other countries who don’t really follow RSD and just become aware of the releases a bit later.
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  14. Remember the guy that spent $700 on Glory???

    Remember the guy
  15. A group of people from the city travelled down to my local and secured all the copies of Chromatica. Guess I'll be online at 6pm!
  16. I’m waiting for 6pm to do some online grocery shopping.

  17. Think myself and [deleted member] might have snagged the last couple of copies at my local. Ariana had sold out too, looks like the pink pound was out in full force.
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  18. Got my copy of Chromatica! Was in and out in 5 minutes and the store wasn’t busy at all.
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  19. Rough Trade East completely sold out of Gaga, Ari and Little Mix. 2hours line but I’m coming out with Phoebe Bridgers that I’ve been meaning to pick up. Ah well
  20. Straight vinyl culture is really getting on my last local store had 10 copies of Ed Sheeran's latest wax spawn today.

    Meanwhile the manager (who clearly notices my purchase trends by now) told me that they got one Chromatica and one k, bye for now - both of which were bought by someone who won a competition for 30 mins early access. This kills the cig.
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