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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. This worldwide shortage of chromatica…..

    I want your stupid ALBUM
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  2. Yet the black one is still widely available almost everywhere tho.
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  3. It’s been sold out in the U.K. store since it went up for preorder here.
  4. My personalised Jessie Ware came and she added a ‘beb’.

    Her mind etc…
  5. I'm disappointed mine is yet to arrive!
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  6. someone DM me if Chromatica comes up online lmao
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  7. Try here
    at 6pm this evening, they had loads in store and I think everything goes up on the site later today. Also they ship to the USpretty cheap I think
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  8. I managed to get Crooked Machine and Tatu, so pretty pleased.

    The record store I went to in East London said they only got 1 x Gaga and some cig camped out overnight from 8.30pm yesterday to snag it.
  9. Erm wow.
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  10. I know! Honestly, if there’s only 1 record and you’re willing to go to those lengths to get it - it’s yours, I sincerely hope you snag it.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  12. Honestly this is.. tragique
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  13. Oh thank you! I got my Confetti splatter from here
  14. But also iconique
  15. Went on a stroll in Soho and stopped by a shop for the lols where I was welcomed with a warm "Lady Gaga is sold out just so you know"... just call me f**got x
  16. Buddy of mine snagged both the yellow Chromatica and “k bye for now” for me this morning. Happy camper.
  17. A winning today. Happy RSD everyone <3[​IMG]
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  18. Insanity. I literally left the house at 8:30am this morning and bagged it. Does seem a bit crazy how so many stores underestimated the demand and yet some (like mine) seemed to have loads. (He said he’d had 20 in)
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  19. Not RSD related but went on a walk and found Fergie’s The Dutchess.

    Even if I don’t get Chromatica, I’ve still won.
  20. is there a store pre-order for the regular Chromatica? I get her sold is sold out.
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