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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by HeartSwells, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Scored an extra Chromatica. If my order from VPReggae doesn’t get cancelled (because the titles went up at 1am est and not 1pm est), I’ll gladly sell it at cost plus shipping to one of y’all.
  2. Yeah same all failed, not happy.
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  3. Any Tatu's anywhere?
  4. I'm not really that bothered about any of the releases, I may cop Tatu at some point but it's not an essential purchase.

    Banquet update stock throughout the hour so it's worth refreshing and keep an eye on them if there's something you want.
  5. Yes please!
  6. Not the two copies of k bye for now getting snatched up within a minute of my record store's online shop going live. K bye I guess. Yet Chromatica remains in stock nn.
  7. Anyone find Ariana? My sister is desperate for it
  8. Scored Little Mix but missed out on Ariana unfortunately.
  9. Wow, Gaga disappeared in a split second on Banquet!

    I got Perfume Genius and Confetti so I’m happy.
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  10. Any Ariana anywhere please?
  11. thx ordered chromatica & ari but u have to use if u are in Europe.
  12. I’m a failure.
  13. I have scored the red Republica, my only other want....
    I'm Drop Dead Gorgeous and pleased
  14. Why does this sound like a straight man too embarrassed to like Ariana wrote it.
  15. Haha I want one too, but she gets first dibs!
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  16. Well girls, the only thing I wanted was yellow Chromatica and I got nothing.
  17. HELP!!!
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  19. If someone finds TATU then please let me know!
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  20. Still on Bengans
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